I Finally Tried Frugaa For A Week And I Totally Loved it!!!

Think of something, you desperately wanna buy ? that cute vintage dress or your favorite pair of shoes that are lying in your wishlist since you have a tight pocket situation. What if you came across a super saving deal on those? Amazing feel right? We know!

Frugaa is basically an online coupon search engine that lets shoppers save money through promo codes. With the online shopping trend taking new strides in the current digital space, the concept of promo codes is highly popular. You get a percentage off on the money you applied to each purchase. You can access tons of discounts and coupons on popular shopping brands at one place – Frugaa.

frugal discounts

Coupon sites, for your advantage and for their advantage, partner up with websites offering discounts. They put in a lot of hard work and effort to find the best deal for you. This is generally not really possible when you do this work manually.

Frugaa takes this concept one notch further, it makes coupon using experience a part of your shopping experience, hence embedding the discounts in your shopping regime even when you forget about it.

What gives Frugaa the edge over others?

There are number of plus points that Frugaa has over other vendors and the major benefits include the Frugaa Reward points that let you Earn points and win gift cards by sharing content on the site, and climb up the levels. Also you can win $10, $25 & $50 Gift Cards which is something really awesome,

The Frugaa Marketplace is the best place where you will find some amazing handpicked products at most competitive price with an easy sorting of the stores option, based on the categories.

frugaa store

Moreover, the sheer numbers that Frugaa offers is a reason enough for you to leave everything else and be with Frugaa.

FACTS: They have deals on almost everything – clothes, toys, travel even webhosting for that matter of fact. Presently there are as many as 40,000 coupons active on the website alone which include almost 4000 retailers and a whopping 9000+ free shipping offers.

$ 28 – That is the average of money Frugaa has saved per customer, and yes we are saying this from personal experience as well. We were nothing short of delighted.

SAY NO TO EXPIRY – Another important part about this website is that Frugaa is updated on a daily basis, so unlike the traditional coupon websites where you have to suffer the unnecessary hassles of expired coupons, new coupons are added here every day and old ones are thrown down the dump.


SAVINGS CALCULATOR – It is a very efficient way to find the deals which are most relevant to you. This virtual device filters the deals on Frugaa according to your requirement.

ONE FOR THE CHOOSY – Frugaa has collaborations with all sorts of stores which are available online 24/7 according to your requirements. The big guns include Walmart, Wayfair, Target, 6pm etc.