Hydroponics, Indoor grow tents and LED lights what’s all the hype in Canada?

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Marijuana is becoming legal in more and more states every year. Now Canada has legalized marijuana. Canada does not, however, allow you to grow your own pot in every province. Some provinces allow you to grow four plants. Colorado allows you about six plants per person per household. Not everyone is into growing weed. Weed is still expensive to grow. Weed also takes a lot of care as well. So why do people want to grow their own weed anyway? People in Canada still want to grow their own weed to help the people who need it, but just anyone cannot sell pot. So, in Canada, some people grow weed indoors and this is how they do it.

Equipment for Growing Weed

It takes some good equipment to grow weed indoors. Marijuana is a very picky plant. You need to give the plants the right amount of dark and light. You also have to create an artificial breeze. The artificial breeze helps keep the plants from getting too much humidity and too much dryness. You have to have a source of fresh air to help your plants. A grow tent, LED lights, water systems, fans, the right seeds, the right soil, the right fertilizer, and more all play important roles in making a successful grow. Growing Marijuana will cost you money, time, electricity, and more. One of the biggest tips we can suggest is to look for a great source for your indoor growing equipment.  Take your time and look for companies that are wiling to help you select the perfect grow setup for you and your space.There is no guarantee that your plants will yield buds the first time you try. These are the obstacles when growing weed. Why are people trying to grow when it is legal? 

Weed is Still Expensive

Canada is having a bit of a problem. The sellers in Canada are not able to fulfill the demand for the weed. People are having to go back to their illegal dealers. The weed is expensive in Canada right now. It is almost cheaper to fly to the US and smoke and then fly home. You cannot, of course, bring weed with you on the plane. People are also able to eventually save money growing weed once they have bought all the equipment. Once growers understand what works growing then they will save a lot of money in Canada growing weed. You cannot just sell weed to anyone. You have to have a license to grow and sell weed in Canada. 

Why Bother to Grow Weed When You Can Buy It?

Fresh anything is always better, this is one reason to grow weed yourself. Growing indoors also allows anybody to grow weed all year round. As mentioned before, weed in Canada is very expensive and the supply is low. Consumers are being forced to go back to their illegal dealers because they are less expensive. Weed is not cheap. Hydroponics is another way to grow weed. Growing in water helps eliminate the soil mess. Not everyone wants to grow weed, but for those who do there are plenty of ways to do it. 

Growing weed in Canada is fine for some people who live in provinces that allow it. You are allowed to grow four plants. People are growing more plants and selling weed in Canada to offset high prices. Hopefully, the Canadian government will do what is necessary to start driving the price down, so everyone is happy.