Why The Humble SD Card Is An Essential Part of a Digital Nomadís Backpack†

SD Card

With the rise of digital workers pushing the likelihood of 1 billion digital nomads by 2035, there is a great need for proper online facilities across the world. This includes high-speed internet and access to reliable Wi-Fi. Those who rely on being connected to back up their data may run into trouble in countries with low connectivity or even in rural areas. In these moments, it might be fitting to rely on hardware to store the data as an interim solution. SD cards are a great fit for digital nomads, and hereís why.

Digital Nomads Have To Make Each Inch And Ounce Count

One of the most rewarding aspects of a digital nomadís lifestyle is the ability to live light. This also means that packing light hardware is essential to the success of the trip. For nomads, the ability to save photos, documents, and even important information along their journey is an integral part of their travels. SD cards can easily slip into a pocket or storage space in a camera bag and when itís served its purpose, it can be cleared and used again. Itís not unusual for a digital nomad to keep backups of their backups while traveling from one destination to the next.

Security Options That Need To Be Considered

The hacking of cloud-based storage is always something businesses and freelancers keep in the back of their minds. While itís not a regular occurrence, major hacks can affect millions just like the Dropbox hack of 2016 which resulted in the personal info of 68 million users at the disposal of those on the dark web. For digital nomads, security is essential in order to keep their relationships with their clients and also keep track of their personal profiles.

SD cards provide a safe way of transporting data, as the files loaded onto them can be encrypted. These cards also vary in size which can accommodate larger or smaller files. Travel lockboxes are just big enough to accommodate external hard drives and SD cards, while small enough to make travel light and comfortable.

Simple Exchange Between Various Devices

Backing up data to the cloud is not the only reason Wi-Fi is such a necessity for nomads. Transferring of data also happens to be an important part of this which is why the SD card is a must-have. The car can easily flit between various devices which allow safe transference and easy backup. SD cards also happen to be quite handy for those who wish to give the information to other parties when there is no connectivity.

While the digital nomad can wear many hats such as photographer, writer, and digital wizkid, theyíre only as good as their equipment. Proper storage of information when the cloud is not available is an integral hoop to jump through for those who make a living out of traveling light. SD cards are both safe and versatile in terms of storing and transferring information.