How Your Smoke Ventilation System Is A Winner For Life Safety?

Smoke Ventilation

Smoke and the fire that follows it, can both be very dangerous for all of us. But, do you ever wonder why we really need a good and effective smoke ventilation system? How to what extent of effectiveness can it reach after all?

Well, this article may help you find out the answers to some of your queries and will help you understand how your smoke ventilation system is a winner for your life safety.

What is Smoke and how is it harmful?

Smoke is the residue left in the form of airborne particulates and gases when combustion takes place, especially incomplete combustion. Smoke is usually made up of different unburnt chemicals and fumes which are quite toxic in their nature.

This is the reason why inhaling smoke can have various negative effects on the respiratory system of a person’s body. Not just that, but due to smoke, the oxygen levels in a person’s body also may fall rapidly due to inhalation of smoke. Lesser oxygen supply to the body nad bloodstreams would result in impairment of a person’s judgment and coordination and may also lead to unconsciousness.

So, it is best to avoid inhaling smoke as much as possible. In cases of unavoidable circumstances like fire, smoke ventilation systems help out significantly.

What is a Smoke Ventilation System and Why is it Important?

Smoke Ventilation Systems are specifically designed systems for the safety of people during an event of fire. These systems help the occupants to safely escape a building or premise in case a fire breaks out. These systems also ensure that the fire is controlled within the early stages.

When a Smoke Ventilation System is to be installed, the person has to refer to a well specified and strict legislation and designing guidelines that mention the requirements and rules to be followed while installing, using and maintaining the system. This is done to ensure that there is proper ventilation and safety if and when the need arises.

These Smoke Ventilation Systems also facilitate the improvement in the fire services being provided. These systems are thus very important in evacuating people during a fire event.

What Does a Good Smoke Ventilation System Do To Save a Life?

The best Smoke Ventilation Systems, according to the Smoke Control Association, are those which have been designed very well. They in turn protect the lives of people as well as their property. This is possible because of the following reasons:

  • These systems help to keep the routes for escape and regular access filtered and safe from any smoke.
  • They clear out the smoke, thus reducing the amount of smoke being inhaled by the people trapped in the premises.
  • They help out by providing early and quick attention and aid to the fire caused, thus controlling it in its early stage. This stops fire from spreading at other places and warns people and saves them.
  • They help out in the operations of the fire fighting system by doing a part of their work easily and without wasting much time.
  • These systems are built efficiently so as to protect the objects and contents of the premise that the fire is in.
  • These systems minimise the risk of any kind of damage that may be done to the entire building.


There is no one single safety system which can entirely protect people and property from events like fire. Just like the Smoke Ventilation Systems, Sprinklers are also quite effective.

It depends on the people how well they choose a combination of safety systems, so as to minimise any risk of damage and death. No matter what type of a building it is – residential, commercial, medical or educational – it is essential to equip it with a well-designed and quite effective Smoke Ventilation System as a part of its fire safety plan.