How Your Company Can Improve Its Presence On Instagram In Less Than A Week


Every company wants a strong Instagram presence. As one of the core social media platforms, itís a must to build a presence there quickly. While you might not necessarily go viral, there are some ways to start constructing a solid reputation in less than a week. Thatís why weíre providing a few lessons on how to accomplish just that.

Learn The Strengths of Your Brand

People may not be engaging with you on Instagram because they donít understand what your brand is or what it stands for. Ideally, someone should be able to look at your page and know exactly who you are and what you stand for, as well as gain a sense of the type of content theyíre going to see by following your business. A lot of your branding is going to be a gut decision; in fact, 80 percent of consumers say that the authenticity of a brandís content is the most influential factor in the decision to become a follower.

The primary first step to finding your brand is asking yourself what you stand for and why itís making an impact on the world. You need to know how your brand functions beyond social media. That means imagining it as a living, breathing thing. Try to map out its characteristics, personality, and identity, including what separates it from the rest of your pack, highlighting the details others canít quite match. Donít be stressed out at first if this takes a little bit of time to hone down the core message because the benefit of this audit will leave you with a stronger brand for years to come.

Establish Yourself With The Right Tools ASAP

Another important factor in establishing a solid presence on Instagram is utilizing the proper tools. According to Brand24, 39 percent of businesses donít analyze their social media actions due to a lack of tools or expertise, often leaving them with no recourse to see how theyíve been performing. Beyond just metrics, there are also tools to help hack gaining more followers, bringing on content partners, editing photos or videos, and even to repost content. When it comes to gaining a base quickly, having the best Instagram tool kit is an absolute must.

Take a look at the current tools youíre using for Instagram and ask yourself what type of benefit youíre getting from them, as well as if you feel like youíre maximizing the value for each. From there, take a look at what gaps might be missing based on the function of your page; for example, if youíre a clothing store, then using a platform like Linkinbio can be helpful to map out not only all your Call-To-Action content but a full-sales cycle pipeline. Additionally, be on the lookout for tools that can also help with your visual aspects as well, ensuring that your brand aesthetic stays consistent throughout all of your posts. Finally, donít be afraid of using an engagement agency or follower boost tool that comes from organic traffic, as that can help give a healthy boost relatively quickly.

Find Your Niche

With the right tools in place, itís time to look at how youíre going to attack your base quickly. While methodologies like growth hacking the most number of people possible can often sound enticing, thatís also not how youíre going to gain quality quickly. Instead, going after a select niche audience will give you a much better gauge on how you can start engaging with a base quickly.

Starting with the basic demographic questions, start to paint a picture of who your Instagram base is by what you know about them. For example, 71 percent of Instagram users are under 35. If youíre going for a youth-centric brand, you need to tap into an even smaller demographic than that. Look at where you stand culturally and if youíre a part of a specific scene. The more youíre able to break into your niche Instagram audience, the more you can utilize an engagement agency like to fill in the necessities and gain a steady audience.

Go All Out With A+ Plus Content

Finally, with your foundation in place, itís time to go for a plan of attack. In addition to utilizing an engagement agency to start gaining more followers, you should also be going through the regular motions of liking, commenting, and following others in your industry. Produce a variation of posts and stories, because 33 percent of stories come from businesses. With a new arsenal of Instagram tools at your fingertips, itís time to get to work on your content plan.

First, ask yourself if thereís any central theme or message youíre trying to get across in your campaign. For example, a typical narrative of a new product would include teasers in IG stories, a time to check their page, an announcement post, and follow-up posts/stories. This is your time to get creative with the execution while honing in on your brand message, so try to have fun with your brainstorming sessions and get into being a storyteller. With the right plan in place, youíd be surprised at how things will look for your Instagram a week from now.

What are some ways your company has been successful in improving its presence on Instagram?

Image Credits: Instagram from SFIO CRACHO/Shutterstock