How Writing Can Be Used as a Tool for Personal Development

Throughout life, people strive for personal development. To develop, we create goals and do our best to achieve them, overestimate our values, change and become better than we were yesterday. Thanks to the desire for development, people are not standing on the same spot, trying to increase their standard of living, become more efficient, so that in the future, they can realize all their ambitions and aspirations. When you embark on the path of self-development, it is important to write down what you have already achieved, set plans, and write the steps you need to take to implement them. All this includes writing and it is a key element for personal development.

There are many benefits to keeping records. Here are some tips and ideas you might find useful.

Keeping a journal

It is very easy to record your thoughts when you have your own notebook. It is something similar keeping a personal diary but has some differences: it’s not just for recording everything that happened to you during the day, but keeping personal records of your plans, thoughts and ideas.

If this point is unusual for you, then start from something small. For example, keep a record not every day, but once a week, or when an important thought suddenly comes to mind, write it down immediately. Then ideas will come to you more often and you will write more often as well.

Progressing your career

Any work and business start with records. In university, you pay for dissertation to have more free time, but when you are an adult, you have to finish all the paperwork on your own. Keeping records affects your writing quality, which has a positive effect on your work. How? Communicating with colleagues and new people in the workplace is an important aspect of any job. Keeping records helps you better navigate tasks, have more information, and develop your communication skills. Because when you write, you use synonyms for certain words so that you do not repeat the same word, which increases your vocabulary.

Set goals and tasks

When you want to start something new: diet, or read a new book, it is not enough to just keep it in mind. Daily affairs will replace these thoughts with new ones, and you will again move your goals to the next day/week/month. And if you write down these goals on a piece of paper and, for example, hang it on the wall in front of your eyes, then a reminder of these plans will always be near you and you will begin to realize them.

If you leave notes of your goals in a notebook, then be sure to read them time after time. It will motivate you and inspire you to move forward and reach new heights. It does not matter how big the goal is: to start eating healthy or build your own business. Just start writing them down and reach your goals.

Your attention is developing

All your thoughts can just be written down in a notepad and that’s good, but it is not always enough. In the real world, communication is important, and in order to understand people’s thoughts, you need to listen to them.

When you write for your own development, you will notice that you are beginning to listen to other people, their thoughts and give them more attention. It will help you to make a good impression and support conversation on any topic.

Explore the world

To write interesting, exciting and carefully you need to know the world. In order for your thoughts to be broad, you need to write more, learn new ideas, other people’s thoughts, and this can only be achieved by having an interest in the world.

In order for your outlook to expand, you need to communicate more with the world, travel frequently, and fill your brain with new experiences and thoughts.

Come up with new ideas

Everyone has situations where you want to understand something new: a new book, project, or idea. This idea is spinning in your head and you can’t stop thinking about it. In order to get close to this idea, it is not enough to just think about it.

Of course, a notebook will come in handy, because you will be able to write down this idea, set goals, and write how you can reach it step by step . It helps to organize your thoughts well. In addition, as you write your idea, you may suddenly find a decision that applies to it.

Rise your ability to understand

At least once in life, each of us has met a person who is closed to other people’s thoughts, if they do not coincide with that person’s thoughts. Such people do not perceive anything new and do not want to look at things widely. If you want to grow and learn more about this life and the world, be open to the new.

Method of development

As you progress, it is important to record all your achievements. Of course, everyone thinks that they will never forget their own achievements and progress. But in fact, records are kept not only to not forget something. If there is a situation in which you need to clarify something, then the records will help you not to get lost at a responsible moment. In addition, records of your own achievements can be used to show them to your potential employer at any time.

How writing help?

Writing helps in the development of each person. Writing down everything you learned while working in a particular position, studying in a course, or reading educational literature, you further describe the basic aspects of the job you have already done.

Records of your achievements in the past will help to become better in the future. You will clearly see what path you have taken, what you have achieved and what you still have to learn. And you can decide what you want to achieve next. Comparing yourself today with yourself from the past is the best motivator for becoming a better person.


Creativity and creative thinking have always been and will be important aspects in a person’s life. When you are able to express your thoughts well on paper, you will be able to express them verbally. In addition, good writing skills are always in need and can pave the way for you as a writer.