How TV Size Is Measured Easily

TV Size

Big-screen TVs were once considered science fiction, but today you can easily find a TV with screen size ranging from 50 to 100 inches. This is all possible due to technological advancements that happened in the television industry over the years.

Today everyone wishes to have a big screen TV in their homes. However, a large TV occupies a lot of space. And therefore before buying or shifting a large TV from one place to another, you should measure the size to know whether it will be perfect fit for you room or not.

Well, if you know the size of the TV then you can easily predict the space it will require to fit in. You can also take the help of the TV measurement chart to know how much area your TV is going to take depending on its size.

With the help of this chart, you can know how wide a TV is and how much area it is going to cover.

However, if you don’t know the size of your TV then you can measure it yourself with the help of this tutorial.

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How TV Size Is Measured?

So basically every TV comes in two sizes, the advertised size, and the actual size. The promoted TV size is actually the screen size of the TV and the actual size is the entire size of the TV including the bezels and leg stands.

1. Measure The TV Screen Size

It is very easy to measure the screen size, all you need to do is to measure the diagonal length of the screen with the measurement tape. But remember you don’t have to include the bezels of the TV in this measurement, just the screen should be measured. 

To measure the diagonal length, you can start from the bottom right corner of the screen and extend the measuring tape to the top left corner or vice-versa. Now note the reading on the tape, this reading is the screen size of your TV or the advertised size of it.

2. Measure The Entire TV Size

The screen size tells you about the viewing area of the TV, but it doesn’t tell about the actual size of it. The screen is always covered with the bezels that protect the TV against ordinary damages.

Older TVs used to have large bezels, but modern TVs are coming up with very thin outer frames. On an average, a TV has bezels of about 1/2 to 3 inches.

To measure the entire TV size you can consider measuring the width and height of the TV including the outer frames.

That’s it!

So now we hope you can easily measure the size of your TV. And with the help of the TV measurement chart, you now know how much area it is going to cover.

Moreover, if you are going to place your TV in an enclosed space, then make sure you leave extra space on each side of the TV to easily access the I/O ports.

Lastly, if there is a shortage of space in your room, but you still want to go for a big-screen TV. Then we recommend you to go with wall mounting, as it saves a lot of space. However, while mounting you should always consider the best viewing angles for a better TV viewing experience.