How Travel Automation Creates Better Experiences?


What is travel automation?

Travel automation technology is used in the travel and tourism industry for effectively streamlining business processes. One form of technology is the use of software for customer relationship management. Because the travel and tourism industry is huge, they would need the application of Information Technology to stay connected.

Travel automation tools such as CRM software allows for easy communication between various departments irrespective of geographic boundaries. They can also be used to track staff data internally and the information generated is used for improving guest experiences.

What is a travel experience?

Customer experiences are created when they find true value in products or services that are aligned with their goals and belief systems. When customers think and feel good about their travel experiences, an extravagant life episode is created. Personalization of services based on customer needs acts as an important factor for capturing fantastic travel experiences.

Personalization of services through travel CRM can be achieved through automation. Travel industries can now methodically organize their businesses to create a good travel experience.

What does the research say?

Multiple researches have shown that nearly 90% of customers have switched businesses with companies because of poor customer experience. A survey conducted by the American express shows that 78% of consumers withdraw from transactions because of poor service experience.

Creating positive travel experiences through automation

In today’s economy, the experience is the currency. Companies try to sell products cloaked with experiences. Customer experiences are vital for the success of travel and tourism industry. Automation delivers fast and efficient services by quickly resolving queries through an integrated chat platform on company websites. Travel automation tools such as CRM software can unlock customer experiences to a whole new level by making the booking experience smooth and quick.

The first impression creates a lasting impression on the customer. A positive experience can be created at the initial customer touch point for better relationship. Cloud-based CRM software can be easily used to configure in-store and tour documents for faster logistic processing that ensures hassle-free travel experience.

The automation tool also helps coordinate various travel agencies and manage group bookings on beautifully designed user interfaces. APIs can be integrated with travel CRM to help customers find local attractions or things to do during travel and book events during travel vacation.

CRM software

New marketing campaigns can be implemented along with travel packages which can be easily configured through an API interface of a travel CRM. Individualized and well tailored email templates can be sent based on customer requirements. With automation, more chances exist for successful customer loyalty programs as the travel automation tools can easily convert both positive and negative customer feedback into a structured format for providing excellent service the next time around. A positive brand image can also be created by tackling customer queries at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Options exist to up-sell VIP packages for honeymoons and family tours. Customer experiences can be optimized through data analysis and business intelligence of travel CRM. Also, personalized text messages can be sent with customer’s first name for making them feel special.

Travel and tourism products can be strategically marketed through personalized recommendations based on previous purchases. Customer’s next move can be anticipated through predictive analysis so the services go that extra mile and exceed customer expectations. Customer experience metric scores can be improved by solving customer queries at every touch points.

Travel automation tools with inbuilt ticket management system can effectively handle tickets faster to solve any customer queries. Reviews can be easily read and multiple queries on Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites can be responded quickly. Tickets can be assigned at a high priority level to prevent escalations. Customers can be educated regarding itinerary, local geography and culture before embarking on the journey.

It is not the destination that matters, positive experiences bring out the best of the journey. Sensory experiences can be created by sending excellent mailers regarding their expected stay. The notes section in travel automation tools can be used for any customized needs such as birthday celebration requests. Automated messages can be sent for birthdays and also for booking confirmations. Automation tools allow service agents to send local tour guides to the customer’s location with the help of GPS tracking for effectively guiding customers through all terrains.

CRM software also provides an Omni-channel support which helps create the knowledge base for customer preferences. Customer service can be effectively managed by ensuring travellers are arriving at the airports at the right time and any lack of coordination can be easily handled.

To conclude

A happy customer becomes a loyal customer. Experiential travelling is increasing progressively and customers are looking for extravagant travel experiences. Better experiences can be created when customers are made to feel like a king and treated in high regards. For many, globetrotting the world would be a life time goal and also a bucket list. So, creating a positive experience through an automation tool is critical for business success. Make customers think, feel and act good by implementing travel automation tool for your business.

Guest post by Katurecrm