How to Write Essays at College and University

How to Write Essays at College and University

Writing an essay is not an easy task if you’re not a professional writer. At the same time, you don’t have to be a professional writer to compose a winning essay at college or university. Writing papers at college doesn’t require from you to be an advanced or at least a beginner author. Don’t confuse writing novels and writing college papers.The requirements are totally different.


To write a winning essay at college doesn’t require a writing talent or a writing experience. Your papers must show that you’re a thinking person, who demonstrates knowledge and skills, gained in classes, through paper only. That is the main requirement applicable to your essay. However, if due to your studies at the university you sometimes lack time to complete your tasks properly, you can choose an easy way to pay someone to do your assignment in Australia if you live there, or, as an option, read the article below, and try to complete the task by yourself. The decision is up to you.

Today, we’re going to talk about the right way to write papers and essays at college and university, providing a few tips and tricks, which will be useful for the students of all ages and qualifications.


5 Tricks for Your Essay

Every student dreams of writing a mind blowing essay without additional efforts. Well, this is both possible and impossible. You can write a great essay without additional efforts if you know a couple of useful tricks. But you can’t write an essay without any effort at all. You have to take time and devote it to you essay only. The more concentrated you are, the faster you’ll complete the assignment. Writing is hard, and you have to be ready to this. But knowing all of the tricks will help you to produce a qualitative writing in a couple of hours only. So, have at least several hours of spare time for your task.

We’re going to model a format of writing, which is suitable for students of all ages, qualifications, and educational institutions. So, let’s start.

How to Write Essays at College and University2



Organize Your Writing in 5 Easy Steps

  • Many students avoid this part because they think it’s just a waste of time. In fact, wasting of time is writing an essay without a plan. Even the simplest plan can help you to organize the work process in a better way. It will help you to structure your writing, pointing out your weak and strong sides. When you create a plan, you see which part you’re ready to work on immediately and which part of your essay requires additional information. Always write down a plan.
  • An introductory part should be the first one to work on. Don’t start your essay with a body part, planning to go back to the introduction a little bit later. The introduction is very important for two reasons. It triggers your mind, focusing it on productive work, and it maps out the ideas and thoughts, which you’re going to develop further in the next paragraphs and conclusion. So, start with the introductory part.
  • Paraphrase the question of an essay in your writing. Don’t start your essay with «I agree» or «I don’t agree», repeating the statement mentioned in the question. Paraphrase instead. Change the words, sentences, and structure when answering the question directly. But don’t lose the meaning of it. Don’t use exactly the same words and sentences. This will make sure your opinion sounds more complicated and advanced.
  • Make your writing more formal and complex. Never use contractions (don’t, hasn’t, haven’t, isn’t, etc.), avoid «there is/are», replace «really», «a lot» with more powerful adjectives (a lot of students – majority of students, etc.) This makes your speech more professional. One more tip is to use strong verbs instead of whole phrases. For example, He gave assistance to his friend – He assisted his friend.
  • Check your own work. You won’t believe, but so many students don’t even read the material they’ve written. And that is a huge mistake. Of course, don’t reread the whole paper after each paragraph. It takes a lot of time, and makes editing not so effective as it should be. Instead, read the entire essay after you’ll finish it. Make sure that your work is 100% correct, that there is no spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. So, the rule is that you have to proofread your essay afterwards.

Writing component is a very important part of your educational process. It influences your scores and diploma results. So, make sure to follow the tips provided above to improve your own style of writing.