How to Write an Autobiography for a Job


For anyone who has experience in job search, things like a cover letter or CV aren’t new. But even the experienced ones may be taken by surprise that some companies ask potential employees to write a short autobiography. Actually, it is not that surprising as even a college professor (sometimes even a high school teacher) might assign this to the students for various reasons like increasing motivation for future career choice, for instance.

This can also be a nice self-reflecting practice for those experiencing mid working life crisis or else. Despite the quite common nature of this task, you may get a bit lost as writing an autobiography is more than a challenging thing especially when you need to keep it short. So how to write an autobiography? Luckily, there are enough tips and tricks for you to use while creating a summary of your life up to now. Let’s have a look at the main ones.

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Create a triumphant autobiography to get the job you want

?     Realise the employer’s expectations. Your potential boss is not taken in the tiny aspects of your childhood or first relationship. What he needs to know is what has made you a professional worth hiring – this is why you keep everything simple and create a short, but decent and full of required information paragraph. Proofreading and correcting will help you greatly at this step.

?     Structure your memory. To reach the result from the previous point, you have to make a few steps. First, take notes while reflecting on your past. This will give you an idea of what’s important and needs to be included in the final text. Second, highlight any situations from the past that have affected your choice in the career path or helped you develop the skills needed for this new potential job you name it. Third, include previous working background (if you have one) to your advantage. Even if that job was lame and you regret it, there must be something you’ve learned from it that can be handy now.

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?     Practice makes perfect. To get an idea of how to settle your whole work-life story into a couple of paragraphs, you’ll have to look for some sort of inspiration. If you never occurred to write an autobiography university essay, you’d better look for as many samples as possible. This is probably the easiest part to do in this whole process! Just type into the search line: autobiography essay example and get inspired by numerous short autobiography examples to come up with a personal masterpiece. A qualitative sample may be your best teacher.

?     Grasp your audience. This is our last, but definitely not the least point. We totally get that it can only be a lucky coincidence if you are a skilled writer or editor or journalist and such a task will be a piece of cake for you. You will effortlessly find the appropriate style of writing and bring to the attention the vital parts of your life, but for those who hardly ever compose texts, it can appear to be a hurdle race. In case you belong to the second team of novices in writing, go back to point 3 and digest the following information. Your writing style and the level of sophistication undeviatingly depends on the position you apply for. If it is something technical like engineering or programming, no one will expect a poetic masterpiece, but rather a well-defined and clear story. However, if you want to take the position of a marketing manager, for instance, the demand will be much higher as you are expected to have talent in making people interested and involved in any product. Anyway, no matter what is expected from you, be the one who stands out compared with other applicants. You have to find a way to show that your story is exceptional and you’ve got loads of enthusiasm and motivation to do the job.

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To cut a long story short, when the only step that secludes you from getting the job of your dreams is drafting a short autobiography, you are to remember the following: the more samples you read and write, the better outcome you receive. Be clear, precise and creative. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the style or being funny in places – do everything that helps to show your strongest advantages for the position X. As long as this is appropriate and makes the employer be interested in you candidacy, of course. Finish your essay the way to be remembered. It can be some kind of a strong statement or a quote if you wish. For instance, if you are a journalist, finishing with a citation like this: “Christopher Hitchens once said: “I became a journalist because I didn’t want to rely on newspapers for information”, and I totally support him in this idea” will definitely leave an impression increasing your chances greatly.

So, just don’t be afraid to try something new and you’ll enjoy the results in no time!

Image Credits: Autobiography from Erce/Shutterstock