How to Write a Really Good Essay?

Essays can be different. In most cases, your teacher will give you a question or a topic and ask you to develop an argument and put in into logical and well-organized pattern. Thus, you have to follow correct structure, make a research, use quotations to support your thoughts, format your work in a required style, etc.

Most students ask themselves, “How can I write my essay successfully if there are so many rules and nuances?”  In today’s article, we will provide a simple and clear guide on how to create a good essay. Let’s get started!

Structure of an essay

Read the question attentively and get ready to make a deep research of on issue. Make sure that you understand the task and then come up with your overall message or point. You will structure your essay of smaller parts of your main idea. And if you don’t want to get left behind in the digital age, you may want to consider starting a blog to create a digital resume – this extra touch will help you stand out from the crowd when applying for your dream job.

These parts are called paragraphs. Each of them should express a clear point and support your main position. Here is an example:

  • Introduce the topic and state your position about it in a thesis statement.
  • In your body paragraphs, describe different aspects of the question. Depending on your topic and type of essay, you can provide information from different sources, compare ideas, and express your own understanding.
  • Your conclusion should present an evaluation of a research and

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Topic and transition sentences

Each of your paragraphs should contain a topic sentence that summarizes the main message of a paragraph. It is recommended to make your topic sentence the first one of each paragraph. The further sentences in a paragraph should serve as supporting information that explains a topic sentence.

To make your text flow from one point to another, you should use transition sentences. You have to be logical and coherent to make your readers follow your thought and get the main point you are trying to make. Use different expressions and transition words to make your essay flow.

How to write a strong conclusion?

Your last paragraph is crucial, since it summarizes the whole message of your work and forms the final impression about your ideas. In general, conclusion can do different things, but its main function is to give your paper a sense of completion and fullness. To create a good one, you should restate your thesis statement and sum up your ideas to give a short and clear answer to a main question of your essay. Remember, you don’t have to include any new information in your last paragraph. Focus on restating and summarizing your point made in previous parts of a paper.

When you are done with writing, make sure to proofread and edit your work for a couple of times. Fix grammar, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure after you have finished the entire work. Don’t try to make it perfect during the writing process, because this will distract you and take too much time. Good luck with your writings!

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