How to Watch YouTube Videos and Browse at the same time

Watch YouTube videos from anyplace.

I know you love YouTube, and you want to watch videos from anywhere on the web.

Install the brilliant creation of Anthony and get Easy access to YouTube via toolbar-panel UI. Means you don’t have to move from your current tab on your browser.

After install this YouTube Panel, whenever you click the toolbar button a drop-down panel will open. This panel will let you search and browse videos from YouTube.

Now you can stay on any page on the Internet, and you can watch videos simultaneously. Moreover, you can sign in to your YouTube account and see your playlists.

It is advisable to save videos to watch later and do your work first.

PIP (Picture in Picture) feature was neat, but this PIB (Picture in Browsers) is way cooler than anything.

Another things that worth mentioning is that it is fully compatible with Flash and HTML5 players and when you switch to the YouTube website everything is as original as it was before installing the Panel.

The only limitation – It is for Firefox ONLY

More info from plugin page

YouTube Panel is a Firefox Addon to give you access to YouTube (mobile view) via toolbar panel window.

Some Features:
a. Easy one-click access to YouTube via toolbar panel.
b. Supports all YouTube functions in mobile view.
d. Best for listening to your favorite music while browsing the web.
e. YouTube music and videos are free of all Ads and banners within the panel.
f. (in v0.1.1) YouTube Panel now has a toolbar (in top section) with 6 buttons.
back button, which acts as a browser back button.
home button, which shows the YouTube home page.
reload button, to reload the current video/page.
pin button, once the pin is clicked, the panel will hide and if you click on the toolbar button it will be shown. Note, if the panel is pinned it will not hide anymore until you hit the unpin button.
pop-out button, which is for opening the current video in a new tab.
forward button, which acts as a browser forward button.

Note: in order to report Bugs, please visit the Addon’s Homepage and fill the bug report form.