How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos?

Deleted YouTube Videos

Viewing YouTube videos is not at all a difficult task. It is a platform in-built on almost all devices. It is an excellent mode of entertainment, and some YouTube channels allow you to watch movies as well. But the issue is some videos get deleted after you have downloaded them. If you have also encountered such an issue, the reason can be numerous including SD card not recognized.

You can read through this file to know how to solve it. Apart from that, you will come to know how to watch a YouTube video and the way to protect them.

Right Steps to Watch YouTube Videos

The popularity of YouTube has grown over time, and many people have come up with their own channels. It has become a great medium of earning. If you are not aware of the right method to access the YouTube videos, check out here.

First of all, click on the YouTube icon. As soon as you do, the list of videos will appear, click on any of the videos, it will play. A few control buttons are available on every video like:

·        Changing the size of the screen

·        Play or pause a video

·        Controlling the volume

·        View the video in full-screen.

If you wish to continue watching the videos, you can create your account. After that, subscribe to the channels to receive a notification when they upload a video. Some of the functions that you will come across on the YouTube tabs are:

  • Videos: All videos available on the platform are categorized into four sections. They are featured, viewed, trending videos, etc.
  • Home: It allows subscribing to the channel to receive videos in the future.
  • Community: It will take you to various blogs, forums, contests, etc.
  • Channels: It shows the list of channels available on the platform.

How to recover deleted YouTube videos?

At times, it may happen that you have downloaded a video but did not get time to watch it. After some time, it got deleted because of the micro SD card not recognized issue, and now you cannot access the video. In this instance, various ways are there to recover videos, and they are:

1.             Finding deleted videos from backups 

If you have a backup of all the videos, even if it gets deleted from your phone, you can get it. Frequently backing up the data is a great process and helps to avoid unfortunate situations. However, the process of recovering the video will depend on the operating system. If you haven’t backed up the videos, the next step will help you.

2.             Watching deleted videos with a link

A suitable way to access a deleted video is with the help of the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. It is the digital archive to the “World Wide Web”, where all the details of the data are uploaded. The website is available for free, and you can get the details from here. You just need to link to your old video, and to do that, the process is explained here.

  • Sign in to your YouTube email account to collect details of old videos. The section will have information on deleted and lost videos as well.
  • Click on the video information and open your deleted URL of the video, but you cannot play it.
  • After you have the link, copy it and go ahead to Internet Archive Wayback Machine and paste it.
  • It gives all the history of the video with the respective date. Once you get the details, click on the download option to access the video.

3.             Recover deleted videos with a suitable tool

In most cases, the above methods will recover the deleted videos. But in case you cannot get it, look for a data recovery tool. The best software available in the market is Recoverit. It has a high success rate and can recover all types of video files irrespective of the format. Not only that, but it can also recover from a USB flash drive, SD card, hard disks, etc. No matter what is the reason behind the loss of the video, like a malware intrusion, accidental deletion, system crash, etc., following the below process will help you to get the video.

·        Select the location where the video was present

You must specify the location where the video was present. Ensure that you remember the location; otherwise, if you choose the wrong place, you will not get the file.

·        Scan the files

Click on the “Start” button to go ahead with the scanning process of the folders.

·        Restore the file

Once the scanning gets over, the deleted file will appear on the screen. Select on the “Preview” button, and you will see that it is the same video. You will get all the details related to the file, like name, format, size, etc. Choose the “Recover” option to retract the file.

·        Save the file

After the recovery process gets over, save the file. Keep in mind that you choose a different location to save the file.

How to protect YouTube videos?

Do you know how to protect your YouTube videos? If not, you can check out the steps here. If any of the below steps get violated, the video might no longer be available on the platform.

  • Privacy complaints: Do not reveal the personal information of a person without his or her permission.
  • Copyright issues: If you have copied some lines from a film or a music video, the owner can request YouTube to remove your video.
  • Content issues: YouTube has the right to take down your video if it promotes abuses or offensive content.

Go ahead with Recoverit!

If you have a new user or a video creator, the above information will help you. The most effective solution is Recoverit, and by using the platform, you can get all your deleted files. Sometimes, people think that since they no longer need the video, they can delete it. Other than that, videos can also get lost due to SD card not showing up. After some days, when they need it again, they don’t know what to do. In all such regard, a versatile platform like Recoverit will assist you. Definitely, with that, you will get your deleted files.