How To View Docs, PDFs & PPTs Directly In Google Chrome Via Chrome Extension

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We all use Google Chrome nowadays as it is the fastest browser presently and offers many extensions to increase our productivity. Sometimes, situation comes when we came across docs or PDFs files in Google Chrome.

But it is very annoying to download the file first and then read it with our installed doc or PDF viewer. This is really time- consuming because sometimes we only want to read the document rather than keeping in our hard drive.

Anyways, there is Google Chrome Extension called Docs PDF/Power Point Viewer Extension that automatically opens Docs, PDFs, PowerpointPresentations in Google Docs viewer without downloading the file.

Let’s see how it works :

Firstly, download the extension from here and click on “Install” button. After installing it, right click on any online document such as .PDF file and click on “open in new tab”, it will automatically open in Google Docs Viewer.

These documents renders quickly in its full quality and you can perform basic functions like search or zoom-in or out within a document. You can also download the file, print it or save it too your Google Docs account directly from here.

In the same way you can open Doc or PPT files online and view it in Google Docs Viewer. You can also download, print, save and even edit doc files online in Google Docs.

I really found this extension handy and useful when it comes to view PDF files because it renders the documents quickly and I am able to read it within seconds after clicking the link. This is really a time saving extension and now I don’t have to download larger files on computer just to read it.