How to Verify an Email List


Email marketing is often termed as one of the most dynamic promotional tools that can easily create connections among businesses. When it is used effectively, it can easily create an increase in customer loyalty and can make the user authority in that particular business niche. However, in order to effectively increase or enhance an email marketing program, a user always needs to scrub and verify their mailing list in order to ensure that only valid customers or contacts receive their messages.

Practicing good email database hygiene can easily help anybody to protect a brand’s online reputation. Remember nobody loves to get email bounce backs, especially while conducting cold campaigns. A good bounce rate is when it is less than only two percent. Anything that is above two percent is often considered to be critical.

Email verification techniques can be used in order to reduce mail bounce backs. It can easily clean your mailing list by filtering invalid and spammy addresses thereby helping in email campaigns securely. In this article, we would be broadly discussing email verification processes and talk about the best ways by which anybody can improve their campaign’s deliverability by a considerable margin.

Best Ways To Scrub Email Marketing Databases

There are a few techniques available that can easily help you in cleaning all your database and validate your mailing list. Some of these methods make use of different third-party software that can be customized in order to identify and root out duplicate, undeliverable, invalid, and BOT addresses.

Cleaning Of Role Account Email Addresses

Most of the role account email addresses determine all the departments of a business organization instead of any individual. Whenever a marketing list gets populated with such role accounts, it turns to be ineffective. This is mainly because most organizations undergo changes that can easily affect the overall validity of these mail addresses. Furthermore, some of the role addresses are also linked to software programs instead of any particular person.

In case you are thinking to clean your mailing list from all invalid addresses, you can try the email verification tool. Such service helps you in managing your mailing campaign more efficiently— while saving your time on checking each mail address manually.

Creating A Bounce Email Register

Whenever you send out any message, not all of them get delivered. These email bounces can be caused by various reasons. Some of them may be related to any server where some URLs are blocked due to authentication or filter issues. Whenever the domain isn’t found or if the recipient is unknown, an email server can reject a message which might further result in a hard bounce. To clean all your database, it is necessary to create some sort of email bounce register that filters out any bounced back emails.

It is important not only to have a clean mailing list but a clean mailbox as well. Remember that the fewer emails you send, the fewer messages you receive and the less cluttered your inbox is. To reach Inbox Zero, you need to know the best email management strategies and follow such tips as using filters and automatic rules, archiving messages that you don’t need right now, etc. Another option is to use a voice messaging app for sending audio messages instead of traditional emails. You will not only save your time but also become more efficient at work and communication with your colleagues.