How to use Skype for Chromebook

Microsoft provides a web-based version of Skype via which you can communicate with your friends using your Chromebook. Although there is no presence of official video or voice support, one can easily find a way to work around that.

In case, you depend on Skype for purposes like voice and video conversation, you can also try Google Hangouts in its place. The reason behind this is that it works fine with Chromebooks and other systems of Windows, Mac, Android, Linux and even iOS.

Using Skype for The Web (Instant Messaging Only)

Nowadays, Microsoft offers a Skype version which works directly in your browser and also works for Chromebooks. However, video and voice calling doesn’t work well even in some browsers which also include Chromebooks.

You can login to web.skype.com in your browser and begin using instant messenger.

As most of the people think, Skype is mostly considered as a voice and video calling software, but it does have many other uses. A significant number of people use Skype for the purpose of text chatting.

You can get connected to Skype and also transmit text messages with your Outlook.com contacts. All you have to do is login to your own account and use the in-built chat feature that is present in Outlook.com which then connects to Skype.

For Windows and Mac users, they can easily install a Skype plugin to converse via voice and video calls from Outlook.com.

Installing the Skype Android App

When it comes to Android runtime in case of Chrome, Google has been working for this. This is a compatibility layer which is designed to run any of the Android apps via Chrome OS which provides Chromebooks the access to all Android apps available in the market.

Skype comes with an Android app and allows you to install the app on Chrome OS. If you own any Android device, then you will easily find and install Skype for Android. If you have a Chromebook, then you can utilize the twerk Chrome app for this purpose. You only have to get the official Skype APK to package it with.

Now, once we have discussed using Skype via a web browser and Android, we can move on to understanding the average Chromebook user. These users most probably wish to do text-based chat with their contacts on Skype by using Outlook.com, and they can also use their smartphone in case they have to make Skype voice or video call.

In case you wish to be more adventurous, the Android app of Skype may easily work for you.

With this, we end our take on using Skype for Chromebooks. You can try these methods to utilize your account in Outlook.com and contact your contacts with Skype. Do try this by using your Chromebooks to chat with your friends and family. Also, let us know about your views and suggestion about this issue and your experience with voice and video call with Skype on Chromebook. You can mention your reviews in the comment section