How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone 7

Technology these days is a vogue, using a branded gadget is a personality style. Using the smartphone with extraordinary features explore the world with just a touch of your fingers. There is something powerful in execution development which attracts gadgetry lovers with the wide variety of smart technological in the handy budget.

From Android to iPhone (iOS), the various platform is available in the market, often people comes across with the common problem to transfer their SD data from one gadget to another, this is like intractable management for many. Further below are the given steps which will surely help those who faces difficulty in transferring data from any device Android to iOS.

If you are holding a new gadget need to transfer your data then definitely Dr. Fone is an incredible option to get the easy way to transfer your data from one to another. Dr. Fone proved the official compatible software that helps in migrating data from even different platforms like to transfer data from Android to iPhone. Dr. Fone is supportive to all modules and helps you the best to recover your data by easy toolkit and procedures. It keeps data original, speedy to run and efficient to use.

As we all know that Apple released its new generation smart gadget iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in the mid of the September 2016 on 9th, but will hit the market on September 16 globally.

Easy Guidelines to help you to migrate your data from Android to iPhone7/ 7 Plus.

1) Easy Trans: MobileTrans Phone Transfer

This is easy to use tool to transfer data from Android to iOS iPhone 7/ 7 Plus. This particular method helps directly in managing the total content which has to be transferred. Although it’s not a free way to transfer data, but this is a powerful transfer tool for Android file to migrate in iPhone 7/ 7 Plus.

In fact, MobileTrans Phone Transfer software tool is the first element to support of transferring messages from Android to iPhone 7/7 Plus.


Apart from Android and iOS, MobileTrans Phone Transfer tool is also compatible with Windows and Mac platforms.

Here are the steps to be followed:

  • You can transfer music files, photos, even videos from Android to iPhone 7/ 7 Plus directly.
  • But for this, you first need to transfer your files to your desktop first then need to copy them after than just the ending step is to paste that copied files to iPhone 7/ 7 Plus, it can transfer more than 20 files at a time.
  • Let wait for the process of transfer and its done.

2) Get Android Application on iPhone 7/ 7 Plus:

It is illogical how an Android app can run over iOS, we know it won’t run but still, there is a quick option to transfer your files from Android to iPhone 7/ 7 Plus. There are some android applications that even have iOS versions and iPhone run replacements, which can help you to transfer your files in a quick-witty way. You just need to download that in your iPhone 7/ 7 Plus App Store from iTunes.

Despite this, some applications need the login/creating account mean to store your transferable data in the cloud. The data files will be stored in the application and when you complete your installing process of data on new gadget by Apple iPhone 7/ 7 Plus, then it will be lost from the application. This is the easy method to transfer data from one device to another with different inbuilt platforms, and is compatible with both the formats Android and iOS.

The above-discussed ways and methods are easily available on Dr.Fonethere official website. You can try, use, rank and review which suits you best easy and efficient.