How to Teach Students to Write an Essay

Writing essay

Paperwork is an integral part of college life. It is, therefore, imperative for students to know how to write an essay, a dissertation, and a composition.

So your job as a teacher is to tell your students how to write their personal essay and to express their thoughts clearly. The students can have time for buying essays if they have hesitation for writing a paper by themselves. Hence this fundamental question. What aspects should be considered so that your students can become the best essay writers?

Basic Principles of Essay Writing

Below are the basic principles of writing an essay that you can tell your students about:

1.    Topic

The first thing your students must understand before writing an essay is the topic. Also, a student’s ability to do research is as vital as their writing skills in essays. Therefore it’s your job to team them on how to do research. Tell them about methods they can use to look for relevant information and how to use such information well.

Although it is far better for students to write on a topic, they know something about it. However, try to reject their chosen topics if you find it easy. Consequently, you will see that it will not be long before they get used to researching on topics before writing essays.

2.    Purpose

It is impossible to write informative and eye-catching essays without good reason. An essay cannot be just about general things that everyone knows and understands perfectly. So teach your students to take things slowly even if they have chosen their essay’s topic. Let them decide on the purpose of an essay.

Then make them decide what purpose their essay will serve. When your students discover their reasons to write an essay, it becomes much simpler for them to develop an outline and start writing.

3.    Examples

The teaching and learning process is not possible without examples. To help your students understand what a good piece of writing is, give them a few examples of excellent essays. For instance, it can be a sample of an essay by your former student. This sample will provide your students with an idea of ??what a good essay should look like.

4.    Outline

An outline is the last thing needed to do before writing an essay. Pick a topic and make a list of points that your students would need to mention if they wrote a piece on it. Using this method will improve their understanding of what an essay is and how it should be written.

Also, ensure that all students understand that they should follow the outline of an essay. This will make it much easier for them to write. Let them know that each point in the outline should start with a new paragraph.

Moreso, the shorter the paragraphs, the more it is very comfortable to read. Longer paragraphs are boring and difficult to read. Hence students should make sure to avoid using longer paragraphs when writing essays.

5.    Introduction

The introduction is the most part when it is time to write an essay. And students generally find it very challenging to write this part of their essay. This is because they do not know how to start an essay to grab the reader’s attention and briefly explain what the essay is about.

The first paragraph of an essay needs to be eye-catchy and clear. This should be appropriately explained to the students. Tell them that people will stop reading their work if they find their introduction boring and unclear. Hence they must make the beginning of an essay as intriguing as possible.

Besides, students can start with a story from their personal experience to get the reader’s attention. However, this depends on the topic of the essay. So discuss with your students and listen to their ideas. That way, you help them improve on writing their introduction.

6.    Conclusion

The conclusion, by the way, is no less important than an introduction. It is an art itself to conclude your writing in such a way your readers will be satisfied and happy. Also, let your students know that a conclusion is a summary of the points discussed in the body of an essay.


In conclusion, we can say that it is crucial to develop skills for writing essays. These writing skills help students to express their thoughts clearly on the paper. Be sure they will thank you for providing them with such a piece of the necessary information that improves their writing.