How to Take Care of Luxury Watches

Luxury Watches

If you observe the successful people around you, you will find that most of them wear a watch. A watch allows them to keep an accurate track of their time, avoid procrastination, and do the most with the 24 hours they have in each day, among many other benefits. Other than this practical benefit, watches have been a sign of class and elegance since times immemorial. A good watch signifies the aesthetic taste of the wearer.

A watch can completely make or break a look. It is important to invest in a timeless piece that can last for years. If you are thinking of investing in a luxury watch or in case you already have one, you should know that maintaining a watch properly can add to its lifetime immensely. Like any other complex piece of technology, a watch needs to be taken care of properly.

Regular Servicing

It is not just your air conditioner or car that requires servicing. Getting your watch serviced is equally important. Regular servicing ensures that your watch lasts for years. The thing about luxury watches, just like most advanced smartphones, not everyone has the expertise to service them properly. It is vital that you consult your dealer to get recommendations on trusted watchmakers. This way, you will always get your watch in its best condition every time repairs are done.

Avoiding Magnets

Magnets can slow down or disrupt the working of your luxury watch. It is important to keep your watch away from electronic devices that may have magnets in them such as laptops and speakers. Make sure you are not risking your watchs quality by unconsciously exposing it to the magnets.

If you do end up causing the magnetic damage to your precious possession though, take it to a professional promptly. If taken in time, the watch professional will get it back to its original state. If the damage is irreversible, you may have to get the circuit or coil replaced. In that case, you will need to buy the required watch parts. Sofly has a wide variety available: if in need you can visit the site to get quality parts to restore your prized possession.

Avoiding Extreme Temperatures

If you want to increase the longevity of your luxury watch, it is important to not expose it to extreme temperatures. Exposing your watch to extreme temperatures will affect its functionality. This means not donning your watch on a long day at the beach or making sure you dont leave it in your car on a hot day. Unless you are completely sure that your watch is waterproof, avoid wearing it while you are swimming or are in a sauna. If you do end up getting water inside your watch, take it to a watchmaker at your earliest. If the watchmaker suggests to get a part replaced, look for a supplier that will provide you with what you need.

Avoid Water

A watch may look sleek and simple but it has many intricate movements on the inside. Expert craftsmen spend hours attaching all the tiny movements in exactly the right way to ensure a ticking clock. Such a complex system can easily be disrupted by any outside agent, like water. If water gets into the watch, there are high chances it will not function anymore. Even the best quality watches can be lost to one dip in the swimming pool, so make sure to avoid wearing the watch in any place where water might get into it.

However, some watches are waterproof and can sustain rain and small amounts of water.

Still, the best practice for the longevity of the watch is to not put it in water.

Regular Cleaning

Just like your clothes and shoes, it is important to clean your watch regularly. A wristwatch comes in direct contact with your skin so sweat and grime can accumulate over time. The gathered dirt can cause early corrosion and oxidation of the exterior.

Always clean your watch with a non-abrasive cloth preferably a microfibre one. Dip it in soapy water, squeeze the excess and gently wipe away the dirt. Make sure to not use a dripping wet cloth as the water can enter the watch if it is not waterproof.

Keep the Watch Away from Chemicals

Keep perfumes and body sprays away from your watch. You also need to protect it from other chemicals like household cleaners and makeup. All these products have chemicals and can easily cause discoloration particularly to the watches with leather straps. Corrosion and oxidation can be caused to your gold, silver, or stainless steel watch.


If you want to pass on a family heirloom there is nothing better than a good luxury watch. Consider investing in a high-end watch that will hold a sentimental value for you. Investing in one luxury piece will be a timeless possession that you will cherish for decades. However, with great watch comes great responsibility. If not taken care of, even the best quality watches will lose their functionality after some time. From observing the right cleaning methods to preventing your watch from shocks, every step adds to the longevity of your prized possession.