How to Sync your calendar and contacts across devices

We explains how to synchronise your contacts and calendar information across computers, tablets and smartphones using Memotoo.

With a computer at home and in the office, a tablet in the hand and a smartphone in the pocket, many of us are increasingly using multiple devices to get things done. Keeping your contact and calendar information in sync across these devices can quickly become a chore, and you’ll likely end up with contacts on your phone that you can’t access on your computer and calendar events on your tablet that aren’t on your phone. It’s all very frustrating.

A number of solutions are available, many of which involve signing up to an online service and utilising mobile apps or tweaking settings on your devices. Here we take a look at one such service, Memotoo. It’s relatively easy to use, and a free version makes it possible to see whether Memotoo meets your needs without committing to a subscription.

Three versions exist: Memotoo Free, Premium and Business. The primary difference between Free and Premium is the number of items you can sync the Free account is limited to 100 bookmarks, 50 contacts, 50 calendar events and 50 tasks, whereas Premium is unlimited. The Business version adds multiple account management. If you like the Free version, the Premium package won’t break the bank at less than a pound a month.


To get started with Memotoo you’ll need to sign up online for a free account, which can be upgraded to Premium at any time. You’ll be allocated a contact manager; calendar and bookmarks, to which you simply add the services you want to sync, such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, AOL, LinkedIn, Windows Phone 8, Outlook, Thunderbird and so on. You provide your login credentials and Memotoo does the rest. Memotoo provides a mobile app for Android tablets and smartphones, or you can configure sync services with the iPad and iPhone.

Having done your prep work, Memotoo will continue to keep your computers, tablet and phone in sync, without requiring further input from you. Make a change on one device and it will appear on them all. Here, we show you how to get started with Memotoo.


1. Head to and click the Sign Up button on the home page. Fill in the form with your details and select the version you want to use the Free one is ideal for a trial run. Click the Sign Up button at the bottom of the page to continue

2. Check your inbox for a confirmation message, then either click or copy and paste into a browser the link provided within. This web page contains important information about synching various devices, such as Android and Windows phones and tablets.

3. Click Contacts in the menu bar and choose ‘Synchronise my address book’ from the drop-down menu. Choose the service with which you want to sync your contacts. Repeat this step for each device and service with which you want to sync information.

4. Next, click Calendar at the top of the page and choose ‘Synchronise my calendar’ from the drop-down menu. Memotoo lists the supported services; simply click one to add it and repeat the process for each service you want to sync.

5. Explore the rest of the website. Select Contacts to view a complete list of your contacts. you’ll find options to add contacts, share your address book and more in the menu. synchronizing your address book adds more sync services.

6. Having added a sync service, check out your calendar Use the menu to add more sync services (select the ‘Synchronise my calendar’ option), or add events and categories find duplicates, share your calendar and so on.

7. you’ll need to configure your tablet and/or mobile phone For Android a free app is available In :OS goto Settings Mall Contacts, Calendars. Select Add account then choose Other Add CardDAV Account (contacts) or Add CalDAV Account (calendar).

8. Whether you selected the contacts or calendar option, you’ll need to enter the following information. In the Server field type The user name and password are whatever you provided at registration. For Description write Memotoo.

9. Wait a minute or two for Memotoo to sync your calendar and contacts across devices, then try them out. In the Calendar you will see events scheduled on other computers or devices; add an event and it will also appear on the website.