How to Start a Fitness YouTube Channel: A Step-by-Step Guide

Female vlogger recording sports related broadcast at home

If you’re looking for a way to make some extra money while stuck staying at home, a fitness YouTube channel is a great idea. With almost one in four Americans self-quarantining and in need of some exercise, the time has never been better to make some fitness content to share online. If you’ve got a love of fitness and are interested in helping others work up a sweat, here’s a step-by-step guide to starting a fitness YouTube channel.

Get Some Dedicated Equipment

If you really want your new YouTube channel to shine, you’ll want to make sure you have the right gear. This includes equipment for exercising, such as yoga mats and dumbbells, as well as equipment to film and produce your videos. It may be worth getting a new laptop specifically for work, and many laptops nowadays have webcams and video editing software preloaded on them.

If you’re hoping to save some money, it’s easy to findrefurbished laptopsand other technology online at TheStore. You can also find a wide range of refurbished digital video cameras online if you’d rather film with a camera and then import the footage directly to your computer to edit. This can be great if you plan on showing viewers how to use gym equipment or have a change of scenery by filming outdoors.

Film a Variety of Routines

While there’s a benefit to having a niche for your YouTube fitness channel, it’s still important to provide content that appeals to a wide variety of viewers. For example, some people will want workout routines that target specific muscle groups, such as their abs, biceps, or glutes. While some viewers may be interested in bodyweight exercises, others may be looking for cardiovascular routines or ways to use their dumbbells or resistance bands.

You can also find ways to modify routines based on time. For example, providing a 10-minute workout, a 20-minute workout, and a 30-minute workout that addresses the above areas can be a great way to appeal to different types of people. Even if your niche is women’s fitness or men’s fitness, different people will have different needs, so finding ways to attract and engage a variety of different viewers will have your subscribers and likes growing in no time at all.

Include Other Health Tips, Too

Of course, there’s more to creating an engaging fitness channel on YouTube than just offering workouts to your subscribers. However, you can seek thebest sites to buy YouTube subscribers. Having other health tips such as how to lose weight with proper nutrition and how to create balanced, healthy meals on a budget can be helpful information to share with viewers, too.

You may even want to endorse different health supplements and NADs that have been shown to help people improve their health at a cellular level. has supplements that address how your body restores energy production, ultimately helping with weight management and increasing your lifespan in the long run. Getting the word out through your fitness channel helps more people make smart decisions regarding their health beyond exercise.

As you can see, content is king when it comes to starting your very own fitness channel on YouTube. As you come up with different video ideas, make sure that you have multiple ways of appealing to individuals interested in getting healthier. From offering advice about NADs and other supplements to creating exercise regimens that promote muscle growth in a short amount of time, there are many angles your videos can take.

With the right equipment and proper planning, your fitness channel will be growing its subscribers in no time at all, and giving people useful information to improve their lives, too!