How to Speed Up Smartphones like Galaxy S5 Considerably

There is major performance improvements that can be applied in Google’s latest Android KitKat software. There are many best androids apps that to claim increase in speed, but this is something else. The success of this performance is well seen through a number of Android powered smartphones such as HTC One M8, LG G3,  Galaxy S5, Nexus 5, and Galaxy Note 3.

If anyone wants to speed up their smartphones to work at even more faster speed they can do so by enabling the Android Runtime (ART) of the device.

A new ART is a Android runtime is introduced with the Android 4.4. ART, it improves app performance and debugging. Its better than Dalvik. Resulting the ART to offer a faster user interface.

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There are few simple steps that will surely fast your smartphone Via ART, they can proceed like the steps given below:

Steps that are to be followed

Step No. 1: Navigate to Settings>>About

Step No. 2: From there go to Build Number section and tap it several times until you see Developer Options have been enabled

Step No. 3: You should now be able to enable ART. To do this, go to Developer Options under Settings and find Select Runtime

Step No. 4: Tap Select Runtime option

After boosting up the phone, you can enjoy its faster speed. The mentioned method will remarkably increases the speed and battery life of the device.

Do tell us if it really speed up your smartphones or does this one was a time waste for you? Would love hear about this.