How to Source Your Entire Wedding Online

Wedding Online

Almost everyone wants his or her wedding to be magical, unique, and unforgettable…but an extensive and challenging pre-wedding to-do list can turn your path to the altar from wondrous journey to nightmarish odyssey. Fortunately, there is a way you can simplify your wedding planning process without sacrificing the bells and whistles of which you’ve always dreamed — simply forego the exhausting in-person shopping marathons and source your wedding online! From custom engagement rings to honeymoon destinations, it’s absolutely possible to fulfill all of your wedding needs with simple online searches.

Get a 12-month head start

When planning a wedding, it’s always best to start as early as possible — a year ahead of your desired date is ideal. Securing your ideal ceremony and reception venues at least twelve months prior to your wedding should definitely top your list. Whether you’ve dreamed of being married in a chapel, botanical garden, winery, or on the beach, you can easily reserve your dates online. The same goes for a reception venue, from a small gathering in a restaurant to a lavish affair in the private function rooms in Brisbane’s historic Regatta Hotel — a few clicks, and you’re booked!

Depending upon what time of year you’ve chosen for your big day (November and March are currently the most popular months for weddings in Australia, for instance), photographers, caterers videographers, florists, and even bands can be in high demand, so start your search for the right professionals as quickly as you can. Each of these professionals should have a website displaying their best work, so set aside plenty of time to do your online due diligence.

Six months until your big day

Once you’ve invited your bridesmaids and groomsmen to participate in your wedding, it’s time to find outfits for both you and your entourage (guys usually prefer to rent a tux, and, believe it or not, that too can be done online!). Again, the web offers the largest selection of formal dresses, often at reasonable prices. Starting early will give everyone time to agree upon a style, determine the right sizes (always pay close attention to the site’s sizing chart — these can differ with every retailer), and allow for returns and exchanges if necessary.

Six months prior to the wedding is also a good time to book your honeymoon online, but studies show that the best time to book your flight is 70 days prior to takeoff, so schedule your flights ASAP after you’ve secured your destination reservations.

You’ll find tons of stunning options for fully-customizable wedding save-the-date cards, invitations, stationery, and thank-you notes from online specialty printers; some can even send the invitations for you by mail or e-vite if you provide your guests’ physical or email addresses! Your guests will also appreciate your selection of an online wedding gift registry, which a convenient alternative to traipsing through a department store scanning random household items and obligating your friends to buy and gift wrap a bulky appliance. Today’s best online wedding registries let you add all kinds of items from which your friends and family can select, from gift cards to china to honeymoon excursions.

Three months and counting

Congratulations! You’ve now successfully completed the majority of your wedding arrangements…without leaving the comfort your couch. These last 90 days are your time to check all of the little details off your list, like selecting your wedding and reception music, writing your vows, and confirming your reception menu…all of which, of course, can be done with the help of the Internet. If you’d like to show your appreciation to your bridesmaids or provide special gifts for your reception guests, check out sites like Etsy and Pinterest for timely and unique ideas and place your order online.

Your wedding day

It’s time to put the laptop and phone aside. Your wedding day (and entire honeymoon) should be blissful and technology-free, but you can relax thinking about how you successfully pulled off the wedding of your dreams…all in your pajamas.