How to Shop for Gifts When You Need to Send Them Overseas

How to Shop for Gifts

Buying presents for your beloved ones can be both exciting and stressful, especially if you’re sending gifts overseas. But it’s always rewarding to see a smile on their faces. It makes it worth the trouble.

If you’re still wondering what the best ways to shop for presents when you need to ship them internationally are, you’ve come to the right place. With these tips, even sending gifts to Europe will be a piece of cake.

Buy a gift and send it overseas yourself

When sending gifts overseas, the first step is to buy a present. You can do it by visiting physical or online stores. If you buy an item in your local shop, you’ll have to pack and ship it overseas yourself.

In that case, be sure to look into the companies that provide international package shipping. Compare their shipping rates and other perks they’re offering to get the best deal. Don’t look only at the overall prices. Some carriers might be specializing in shipping to Germany or other European countries and thus offer cheaper rates to this particular destination than their competitors.

If you buy an item in an e-shop that doesn’t offer international package delivery, you’ll need to have it sent to your home address and then ship it overseas. The procedure is similar. Once you receive the goods, you’ll need to repack them and hand them to the international shipping company of your choice.

Buy a gift online and have it delivered internationally

Sending gifts overseas might be easier if you find an e-shop that offers international parcel shipping. Then, you can order the goods and have them delivered to the recipient directly. You won’t need to worry about repacking them and picking the right carrier.

But sometimes finding an online shop that offers shipping to Poland from the USA or other central or Eastern European countries might be difficult. And their delivery prices are not necessarily cheaper than sending the package yourself. It won’t hurt to explore more options of shipping gifts overseas and to compare the costs.

Buy a gift from online shops in the destination country

If you find sending gifts overseas costly, you can pick a third option. Find a present and buy it from the online shops in the destination country. Domestic deliveries are cheaper because the distance the parcel travels is shorter. Also, you won’t need to trouble yourself with the customs declaration and the delivery time is quicker. Sounds like a win-win situation, no?

Just double-check if the e-shop accepts international credit cards because you won’t be able to pay for the goods otherwise.

Don’t forget to properly pack your international package

If you’re sending gifts internationally yourself, you’ll need to pack your parcel well. Keep in mind that the package will cover a long distance, will be lifted and put down many times. The packing has to be sturdy to withstand all of it.

Study the characteristics of your item. Pick a shipping box of the proper size, neither too big, nor too small. Get plenty of cushioning materials, especially for fragile packing when sending breakables. If you’re shipping more than one item, be sure to wrap all of them separately before putting them in a box. Use strong tape to close off the lid and strengthen the edges of the box.

Finally, stick the address label on a clearly visible spot on the box and attach the customs declaration. You’ll be set to go.

Sending gifts overseas is challenging. But it may also be fun and exciting and is no less fulfilling than presenting gifts in person.