How to Set iPhone Parental Controls with FamiSafe

iPhone Parental Controls:

Phones and tablets are a boon for school-going kids and young adults. They spend most of their time on these gadgets, especially iPhones, which are very popular with this generation of teens. They learn a lot from the internet and use it to do their homework, assignments, projects, and stay connected with their friends.

However, many studies and researchers have claimed that as much as the internet can benefit  young minds, it can also influence them to indulge in harmful and dangerous activities. The internet is a great platform. It has its pluses, but there is also disturbing content floating on it, which could hamper your child’s mental health and well being. Therefore, it is essential for parents to resort to adequate iPhone parental controls to watch over their kid’s online activities, monitor their whereabouts, and control their screen time with Famisafe.


FamiSafeiPhone Parental Control App is a widely used software to help parents regulate their children’s lifestyle by tracking their iPhone activities. Parents can download it on their devices and remotely stay connected with their children. It is one of the best iPhone parental control of our times, available for Android as well. Its interface resembles the image below:

FamiSafe understands parent’s concerns and their need to watch their kid’s activities in school, with friends, regulate their sleep cycle, and discipline children glued to their iPhone. FamiSafe is every parent’s best friend because it prevents cyberbullying, enables geo-fencing, real-time location tracking, web filtering, and App blocking. This iPhone parental control lets you personalize the App’s settings to best suit your needs.

Snapshot to track someone’s iPhone:

FamiSafe can help you understand how to track someone’s iPhone with the help of its extensive features. Setting up iPhone parental controls on your kid’s phone using FamiSafe is a simple task and only requires a three-steps action:

  • App installation

The FamiSafe App is available at the App Store and Google Play Store from where it can be downloaded and install easily on your device and the target iPhone.

  • Registry and setting up

This step requires you to set up an account on your kid’s iPhone. Use these account details to set up FamiSafe App on your device as well, but first, adjust all the settings on the target iPhone.

  • Connect target iPhone

Set up the App on your device with the same account details to start using iPhone parental controls.

Don’t worry! This article is not a user guide. You will find out more about iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus parental controls using FamiSafe in the next segment. For now, you know how to track someone’s iPhone, also see how FamiSafe can assist you:

How can Famisafe help you and what are its features?

Let’s have a look over some of the facilities under Famisafe:

  • Regulating the usage of Apps

With FamiSafe, parents can monitor App usage and also block certain Apps to prevent children from downloading them. FamiSafe sends you an alert if your kid tries to download the blocked App.

  • Live-location tracking

Geo-fencing and live location tracker features distinguishes FamiSafe from other iPhone parental control Apps. It helps to track location history, real-time location, and mark unsafe territories for children. It sends you a notification if your kid wanders in and around the geo-fenced area.

  • Web Filtering

FamiSafe ensures your kid’s online safety by blocking undesirable websites on your command. You can block pornographic or gambling pages to keep your kid away from them.

  • Screen-time control

This feature helps you in two ways. It will send you a daily report on how much time your child is spending on his iPhone in a day, and also put a lockout time for his/her gadgets to strike a balance between study time, entertainment time and bedtime.

  • Activity Scheduling

This FamiSafe features can help you control someone’s iPhone by using all parental monitoring settings in once. It means all the features will work simultaneously and keep your kid safe at all times.

How you can set Parental control on iPhone (or iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Parental Controls) using Famisafe:

FamiSafe is a trustworthy iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus parental controls App for effective parenting, better control, and enhanced safety of your children, both online and offline. You can follow the simple steps explained below to see how to track someone’s iPhone:

Step 1. Install FamiSafe App

First and foremost, download and install the App on your device and your kid’s iPhone from his App Store.

Step 2. Sign-up and Log-In on FamiSafe

This step is to create an account. Use your device or the target iPhone to do so.

Then sign-in and finishes setting up the App by following the onscreen instructions.

Step 3. Get Started

Finally, Allow location access and grant all other permissions to the App for it to function smoothly. Once you are done, log in with the same account on your device and track your kid’s iPhone from the control panel depicted in the image below.

How to put a restriction on a kid’s device using iPhone Settings?

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus parental controls can also set to put some restrictions on the target device by visiting “Settings” >“General” > turn on “Restrictions” and feed in the device passcode.

Now follow the steps given below to restrict the following from our kid’s iPhone:

  • iTunes/Apple Music/ iBooks: Visit “Settings” >“Restrictions” >“Privacy” to control Apple Music and others.
  • Various Apps: Visit “Settings” >“General” > Restrictions” to turn off the Apps you want to disable.
  • Content/ websites based on age, ratings, and language: Visit “Settings” >“Restrictions” >“Allowed Content”, and block webpages and other content.
  • Account details changes, Volume controls and data usage: Visit “Settings” >“General” >“Restrictions” to regulate accounts, control volume limit, and monitor data usage.

FamiSafe- A Most Reliable Parental Control App:

Hence, FamiSafe- A most reliable parental control App, is feature-laden and makes parents feel in control of their kid’s life. It prevents children from going astray, keeps them on track and helps them balance their valuable time between studies and their iPhone. FamiSafe has a user-friendly interface which guarantees results. It is worth your time and energy too. If you are a parent, FamiSafe is a must have!

Image credit: iPhone Parental Controls via Georgejmclittle/Shutterstock