How to select an EMS provider?

electronics manufacturing services

Electronic industry is rapidly growing, so much in fact that electronics manufacturing services (EMS) have started to be a big thing.

Outsourcing electronic manufacturing service provider helps to reduce production costs, which is the most important factor that speaks in favor of using those services. But it is not all that there is to it. 

What exactly is EMS provider in charge of?

EMS provider can be called a contract manufacturer that is not only in charge of making the ordered electronic products but also becomes a valuable business partner. EMS provider offers support with design, transport logistics, and repairing elements when needed. 

Why is it worth it to outsource an EMS provider?

The assembly of integrated circuit devices requires a properly prepared production line and a team of professionals that know how to use the machinery and how to maintain it. A company that specializes in providing EMS is able within a blink of an eye to reorganize the production line and assign qualified employees to do their job to execute contractual electronics assembly.

Making an entire production line and searching for the right employees would take an inexperienced company a lot of time, effort, and money. It would most certainly delay the production of an electronic device that was supposed to be made. It would be a difficult task to quickly and without any errors achieve the level of quality of a company professionally specializing in assembling electronic devices. What is more, encountering difficulties in making economic savings would result in a higher price of a finished product. All of these factors can constitute the failure of a newly-made product – it would just simply not be in a good position in comparison with the competition.

To picture this better, here is a simple analogy: we do not buy a cinema to watch one movie. It may seem a bit grotesque example but shows exactly why outsourcing an EMS provider is a good idea.

How to select the best EMS provider?

A proper EMS provider should display certain valuable characteristics such as offering a high-end technical infrastructure and professional engineering support in the entire process of making electronic devices. Technical infrastructure should be fitted to perform highly complex SMT assembly. The production line should be easy to reorganize quickly to be suited to the needs of customers. 

The best EMS provider is required to be able to undergo testing and inspections when it comes to the safety of the products they are making and the certificates of quality. The engineering support should be displayed through the entire realization of the project – from prototyping to evaluation of the finished product.

But cooperation with EMS providers is not only limited to making electronic devices. The best EMS provider should demonstrate perfection at fulfilling the right management approach (Lean Manufacturing) that requires having the best interest of the client in mind while making decisions.

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