How To Secure Your Laptop From Theft

Our laptops often contain sensitive and important stuff. The sudden unexpected loss(theft) of such expensive equipment and sensitive information causes monetary and mental loss.

Here are some steps you should take if your laptop got stolen.

1. Lounge a Police Complain : Some people avoid filing a report to police about lost laptops. You must file a complaint for your stolen laptop so that police can enter your hardware’s information into  national database, so that if someone tries to sell it off there is a chance to caught them.

2. Let local repair and pawn shops know about lost laptop: You should tell any repair shop about your missing laptop. You must tell them serial numbers and any identifiable features. So that next time before purchsing any used laptop they confirm it .

3. Contact Your Insurance Agent: If your laptop gets stolen you can contact your insurance agent and inquire about filing a claim so that a part of the total loose can be recovered. If your laptop is company property, it can be covered by your company’s insurance policy.

4. Spread the word: You can spread the information about your stolen on social networking sites like twitter and facebook. Just let all your friends and people you know about your stolen device. You can even give an ad in the local newspaper, or you may even offer some rewards for your laptop’s return.

5. Remain vigilant: Once you have done all the above steps just remain vigilant. Check lost and founds ads, keep checking sites like eBay and Craiglist.