How to Search Jobs on Social Networks More Effectively

Are you hunting for a job change or may be looking for the first job ever? You might have used social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook till now.

Here in this article we will show you few more methods you can incorporate in your job search on social media sites. Try these methods as not only they are free but also you will be the first to take action against them.

Let’s start with an age old technique that highly boring as well, and our new tips are highly productive.

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New Method with Social Media Tools

IFTTT is probably not a new tool on internet and it can also be used in your job search by simply using recipes.

Combine Twitter and IFTTT – Twitter’s advanced search is pretty awesome you can add terms like AND, BUT, NOT, OR and combine them with twitter hashtags can bring some great results to your mail directly.

Moreover you can also add parameters like people, dates, places to narrow down your search.

Take an example –

If Twitter then that.

(Office OR #Office AND Blogger OR #Blogger AND Job OR #Job)

Bring this recipe to your email and get notification automatically.

CombineCraigslistand IFTTT –Craigslist has a good advanced search parameter and similar to Twitter’s IFTTT you can also use your search operators and bring those notifications to you email instantly.

Combine Reddit and IFTTT – Reddit also has big search page that has some powerful search operators and are similar to above to sites (Twitter and Craigslist).

After you make these IFTTT recipes you would require some settings that can help you choose your delivery preferences like weekly, daily and I would recommend you to go for Weekly method as it’s very powerful (in fetching jobs).

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Using Push Services for Mobile Devices

Many services can push notification to your mobile screen instantly, making it possible to be the first Resume sender for the job.

So, if you want to quickly send a Resume (beautifulresumes) when a job is posted, these push services will give you an edge over others.

Pushover-Pushover makes it easy to get real-time notifications on your Android, iPhone, iPad, and Desktop (Pebble, Android Wear, and Apple watches, too!)

Pushalot-Notifier for Windows Phone and Windows 8.

Pushbullet -Pushbullet connects your devices, making them feel like one.

Instapush.im-Track new signups, purchases or anything that really matters. And get notified on your smartphone when it happens.

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You can also try making Todoist List, or creating a note with Evernote or check out other recipes on IFTTT. Now you are not only confined to LinkedIn for a job search you can search them on sites mentioned above.