How To Restore PC From Backup

Restore PC

While you are in trouble with your pc your entire mood will wash off in a minute. There are the several guides instructing you several times for getting the backup data from your computer to avoid the huge and important data loss. How to restore pc from backup? There the catastrophic viruses which are accidentally delete the system files through which your entire efforts are going in vain.

But it is not the easy task to get the data back up through the windows 7 file system. It automatically mess up the disk partitions and you are no longer be able to reboot your system. How horrible is this? It will not possible for you to attach any external hard drive and get the data back up of your valuable mp3 or data file to it. You may get the extra protection for getting the services from your end to be well equipped by purchasing the extra data recovery software.

Otherwise you may get the built-in facility within Windows 7 operating system to get the free data recovery system which is most powerful and strong enough. For having the privilege, you should have the free disk space (or you may use the blank CD/DVD), where you can take the backup data or files.

Restore PC

Here are the following steps through which you may able to get the data backup from your Windows 7 operating system.

  • You have to go to the start menu button and if it is on the task bar ten you may click it there.

  • Then you have to get the Control Panel and go to the ‘System and Security’ heading. Under the System and Security heading on the control panel window you will find the option for ‘Back up Your Computer’. You have to click on that button. If you have not set up the Windows 7 for data back up then here you can do that easily.

  • In the upper side right hand corner you will find the option ‘Back up or restore your files’ and under this category you may get another two options such as: ‘Create a system image’ or ‘Create a system repair disc’. What option is suitable for you that you have to put here. For other options you need to get the guidelines you may read the instructions there.

Now you have to learn how to create the System Image:

To get the easiest way to find your system better as it was using daily by you earlier (before the system crash) you need to build the system image. This the way through which we can get the exact and active state of our system as it is like the snapshot of it at a specific point of time. If you can get this then even one on hand it always assures you that you will be able to find your system exactly as the same when you made the image. It is huge and large in size and it may slow down the computer but you will be glad to get the restoration work fine and well through it. To create the system image you need to follow the under mentioned steps.

Step One: Click on the ‘Create a System Image’ on the ‘Back up or restore your files’ window.

Step Two: You will find there three options where you want to store that system image for further use. You have to click on the radio buttons there as per your choice and availability and go ahead for the ‘Next’. These three options are:

  • Hard Drive: If you have the other drives hooking up with your system you can go to that drive this way. You may not be able to get the back up on the same drive for which you are doing the same. There is the drop down menu where you have to click and by selecting the drive location you have proceed for the next. After that the back up process will automatically run itself.
  • On One or More DVDs: You may take the back up to the optical discs while you have not any option for the spare hard drives there with you. You can make sure that the optical discs are completely blank and it requires a lot of space to get the system image so be ready for that. You have to arrange the optical disc with large volume and first spindle them on your finger then you may place it to the drive specified for that.
  • On a different Network Location: It is the better and wise way to take the proper and correct restoration work for the system image to save it on a different computer which is connected with your system through a network. If you know the url and location where the file will be saved put it to the box coming after selecting the option or else you can ‘Browse’ for it. Then you need to put the user id and password for accessing the specific computer on your network. Then go for the next.

Step Three: After the proper restoration or back up work you will be notified by the system about the completion of the back up work. If you want to check the image file then you have to go to the connected computer or to the alternative drive and search for ‘WindowsImageBackup’ folder-there you will get the file. Else the optical discs you have used for the work you should keep it in front of your system for having the evidence of successful completion.

Step Four: After the creation of the successful system image the option will come to you for taking or creating any ‘System Repair Disc’. If you choose the option then you have to proceed for ‘Yes’ button or else you may click the ‘No’ button to get out from the restoration work.

You can now create a System Repair Disc:

A system image restoration work can be done promptly as it is the nuclear solution for your system restoration. It is the recovery work when your boot sector is affected. But when the problem lies with the other data and programs you should go and try for the ‘System Repair Disc’. Simply place the DVD into the writing drive and run the DVD burning system. Here you may have the opportunity to success to numbers of repair and recovery tools. To create the disc you have to follow the steps as bellow:

  1. Click on ‘Create a System Repair Disc’ under the ‘Back up or restore your files’.

  2. The pop-up window will be coming and you will have the option for creating the repair disc through the optical DVD.  Preselect the drop down menu and place the blank DVD.

  3. Click on the ‘create disc’ button and windows will automatically copy the right file to the disc and after that there will be an autorun window will come and show that the disc is named as ‘Repair Disc Windows 7 64-Bit’ (as per the OS it can be 32-Bit also).

  4. Take the disc and label it and store it for the further use.