How to Repair Corrupted MP4 Video Files

Repair Corrupted MP4 Video Files

MPEG-4 Part 14 (.mp4) is a multimedia file format part of the ISO/IEC MPEG-4 international standard. It is a compression algorithm that encodes audio-video data, optimizing its quality for storage, encoding and distribution on networks.

MP4 format is the most shared video file over the internet network. Because they are files that take up very little disk space, they are a widely used format for sharing videos over the Internet or removable media such as pen drives, CD-ROMs, DVDs, microSD cards, SD, etc. Repeated sharing of a file or the use of editing programs can cause data loss and corrupt the file. A user receives an error message that the MP4 file is broken or inaccessible and their MP4 files will not play.

We will help you to fix your damaged MP4 files with some quick and easy methods. Before proceeding with the steps, we will go over the reasons behind such issue.

Common Reasons Why MP4 Videos Won’t Play

Video Compression Issues: Misuse of third party video editing tools can sometimes lead to poor video compression and corrupt MP4 file. Uncompleted download of the file, when downloading a video in large MP4 format from the internet browser, after an interruption of the internet network, it can interrupt the complete download process of the MP4 file.

Interruption of file copying to external removable media: Copying or cutting an MP4 file to removable media may cause irreversible data loss. Broken video header, the header file has all the necessary information to play the video file correctly. An MP4 video file with a broken header prevents a PC from playing the video properly or even opening it.

Power interruption during recording, a very common reason: When recording videos, the header file is the last to be written in the MP4 video file, so sudden power failure or shutdown of PC leads to wrong header write operation, which makes that the MP4 video file cannot be played.

Internet Network Problem: When downloading a video in large MP4 format from the Internet, there is an interruption in the process of downloading the MP4 file.

There are many ways to fix corrupted videos but the easiest is to use Stellar Phoenix Video Repair. This third-party video repair software is able to repair various types of damage, whether it’s due to improper shutdown, file transfer errors, header damage, memory card errors, and so on.

Curious? Keep reading as we will explain the steps:

Please note that this software is compatible with both Windows and Mac so it is compatible with most computers worldwide.

1. You can download for free but we recommend buying the premium plan right away. Make sure your computer still has 50MB in the drive and 1GB Ram.

2. Launch and open the Video Repair section of Mac (in case you are using a Mac). Click the Repair Video button.

3. Press the (+) button to add the corrupted video file. Click the Fix button after that. You can select any video by simply ticking it.

4. Once the repair process is complete you can preview it before you actually save the video.

5. Have you made sure everything is the way you wanted it before? You can click “Save”. First determine the storage location.

6. Once the video has been saved you will get a message “File saved successfully”. As simple as that.

Thatís all!