How to Repair Corrupt DJI Video File?


Are you in search of authentic tactics not to lose your precious information in DJI video files? Are you afraid of getting your files corrupt while working on them? Does your media player show you an ‘Unsupported File’ pop-up when you try to run the videos? Or you think yourself unable to take further measures to repair corrupt videos. If this is the case, don’t go anywhere. You are on the right platform to repair your corrupted drone recordings. This article will let you know what the reasons for corruption are and how you can fix them. Don’t skip; otherwise, you will suffer fixing these issues.

Common Reasons behind DJI Video Files Corruption:

                      Sometimes, you might feel tiresome recording videos repeatedly on DJI drones if previous ones get corrupted. Because it is a little bit difficult to record aerial views by drones. And it takes a lot of time to record the videos properly. Who would not like to have satisfactorily recorded videos in one attempt? But it is common to get corrupted files recorded on Spreading Wings drones, Spark, DJI FPV, phantom, Mavic, etc. And here is how you can get rid of these problems. Before this, it is important to reveal the causes of corrupted video folders. Letís have a glance at the real reasons.

  • Powering the quadcopters (small unmanned helicopters having four rotors like a fan) off while recording

                 If you power off DJI FPV, phantom, Mavic, spark, etc. while recording, this can cause corruption in your recordings if they are worked on, transferred, converted, or processed.

  • Existence of malware in SD card or virus attacks on folders

                Sometimes, an SD card is attacked by a virus and this results in corrupt videos. So, try to keep your SD card away from virus attacks.

  • Outside disturbances in drone while capturing

            Quadcopters may have unexpected interruptions due to which recording may end in between. Or it may get corrupted. Its solution is to restart the drone and continue capturing.

  • Using drones at high-temperature rates.
  • Removing SD card instantaneously
  • Using drones without any break

How to Fix Corrupt DJI Video Files?

                            Repairing corrupt videos remains a critical problem for most people. As they are recommended to use costly software for repairing corrupted videos. But they can’t afford it. It is essential to know how we can repair corrupt video for free. Because it can help you any time. There are several methods to fix this problem. And here are the 3 most effective and genuine ways to repair corrupted videos. You can use all three methods to get your folders fixed till you are satisfied.

1st Method: VLC Media Player 

                            Make a copy of the original corrupted video and open it in VLC Media Player. When it opens, follow these steps to repair corrupt video.

Step 01: Click the ‘Tools’ button in the menu bar.

Step 02: Then choose References. After choosing it, select Input/Codecs.

Step 03: In the ‘Damaged or incomplete AVI file’ section, set Always Fix from the given list.

Step 04: Now Save it. And your video will be fixed. If it still does not play, try the other two methods.

2nd Method:  OneSafe Repair Software

This software is mainly designed for repairing corrupt videos. Whether these are MOV, MP4, MKV, DJI drone videos, etc., or others. Let’s know how we can use it to solve our problem.

  • First, go through the OneSafe Data Recovery website and download the software.
  • After downloading, install it on your system. And follow these steps to proceed further

Step 01: Add the’ Repair Video’ button.

Step 02: Then add corrupted video(s) for repair. And wait for a while to recover the files.

Step 03: When errors are fixed, preview and save your files.

Finally, you will be able to play your DJI Video.

3rd Method: Command Prompt

The next method is command prompt which is also helpful. Interestingly, by using Command Prompt all your corrupt videos in the system will be fixed automatically. But don’t close the dialog of Command Prompt while it is in process. Otherwise, videos may not be repaired.

Follow these steps to use Command Prompt.

Step 01: Type cmd in Windows search bar

Step 02: Press right-click button of your mouse on cmd and select Run as administrator

Step 03: When Command Prompt Window opens, quickly type dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth and press Enter.

Step 04: Something will be written after you type this. Then, type sfc /scannow to scan and repair the files.

Step 05: Once you do this, cmd will start scanning and repairing the corrupted files.

Finally, you will receive few notifications. If notification says your corrupt videos have been scanned and repaired, your folders are now fixed. If notification says files were not detected or fixed, try another software mentioned later in the article.

Repair Corrupt DJI Video Files With WondershareRepairit:

     Corrupt DJI videos can easily be fixed with Wondershare Repairit software. It is used for managing damaged and unplayable drone recordings. 3 to 4 steps will be needed to prepare your folders.

Follow the steps to prepare your corrupted recordings.

Firstly, download Wondershare Repairit and install it on your system. While downloading, make sure you download the same format that your system supports i.e. Windows or Mac.

Step 01: Add corrupt DJI folders

           Click the ‘Add Videos and start repairing’ button to import the folders

Step 02: When you have added corrupted media folders, click the ‘Repair’ button to take further steps. It will take time to fix the errors

 Step 03: Finally, if the DJI is repaired then preview the video and save it.

This software will help you repair corrupted DJI recordings.

Tips to Protect Video Files:

  • Avoid connecting your drone SD card to other corrupt devices
  • Don’t remove SD so quickly from the drone camera
  • Store your DJI camera recordings in a secure cloud and work on copies. It will prevent your recordings from being corrupted
  • SD card corruption can be prevented by using a quality SD card
  • If recordings are corrupt, make use of secure and good software like Repairit.
  • Try to record by drone camera at normal temperature i.e. 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 102 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Try to record in small parts. Don’t drag recordings too many hours.  

Conclusion: †††††

Repairing corrupt DJI video files is necessary to protect recordings that were captured with great difficulty. No matter repair mp4 or mkv or any other video files. There are 4 methods to resolve these issues. Two methods can be applied to your laptop or PC. The other two methods require software download. If you want to repair all corrupted files on your PC, try the CMD method.

Quad copters’ large recordings are mandatory to sustain aerial view. Who records through Spark, DJI FPV, phantom, Mavic, etc. must be aware of these methods. The DJI video corruption is common but can be prevented in advance. Like using reliable SD cards, drones at normal temperature, recording in small segments, etc. Prevention is better than repentance.