How to Recover deleted Mp4 Files on Mac and Windows

Recover deleted Mp4 Files

MP4 is a standardized video file format, compatible with Windows and macOS users. It is one of the enhanced video file format which provides better compression sizes. Mp4 video files are commonly used for sharing videos files and are compatible with many media players.

Corruption in video files, or accidental deletion of videos from startup disk, video files may become inaccessible, sudden interruption while transfer of video files all these reasons may result in losing the mp4 files. Now the first question arises is how to recover the deleted files? But do not panic, the first foremost thing a user has to keep in mind is that stop using the device from where the files were deleted, otherwise it will get overwritten and hence decreases the chances of recovery.

Let’s take look at some example of lost MP4 files for more clarifications:

I have accidentally deleted video files from my Windows system! Is there any way out to recover the lost Mp4 files again?

I was transferring the files from my phone to laptop and due to some unwanted shutdown of the system the video files were not transferred completely, and they got corrupted, so it made me force to format the device resulting in loss of data. Can someone suggest me reliable and feasible solutions to recover the deleted MP4 files again?

The above two cases are different and this justifies how users end up losing their MP4 files. Since many users these days keep these video files in their Mac and Windows system so it always recommended to back up all your crucial files in order to prevent such inevitable events.

How to Recover Deleted MP4 Files?

You can easily restore your lost Mp4 files. There are two methods by which you can recover the deleted MP4 files:

  1. Manual Approach
  2. Software Approach

Manual Approach

  1. Look in Recycle bin and Trash: The first step to recover deleted  MP4  files is to look them in recycle bin of Windows and Trash of Mac system. Whenever something is deleted it straight away goes to recycle bin or trash of the system. A user can easily recover the video files from there, provided that the recycle bin and trash have not been emptied.
  2. Restore from Time Machine and Restore Point: You can recover your deleted files from Time Machine backup in Mac and System Restore Point in the Windows system.
  3. Search for the backup files: If you have kept any backup files on your external storage device then you can easily recover the deleted files from there.

Software Approach – Recover by using Video Recovery Software

The above manual methods comes with limitations, hence sometimes these manual approaches fails to yield positive results. This is when a MP4 video recovery software comes into play. But to search for the best and professional MP4 video recovery software consumes a lot of time and energy. So to make your work easy Stellar Photo Recovery Software is one of the trusted and safe software to recover all your deleted MP4 files.

Steps to Recover MP4 video files by using Stellar Photo Recovery Software.

  1. Download and Launch Stellar Photo Recovery Software.
  1. Then select the location from where you want to recover the files.
  2. Click Scan or Deep Scan as per your preference. After scanning a dialog box will appear indicating that “Scanning completed successfully.” Now you can get a preview of all the lost files.
  1. Now select Recover or else you can choose to recover the selective files which you want back.
  2. Now a dialog box will appear asking you to specify a particular location to save the recovered files.
    Note: Do not save the files on the same drive from where the files were deleted.
  1. The Recovery Process is completed.

Final Words

Data loss problems are inevitable nobody wants to face such kind of situation so it is always advisable to keep updated backup of your crucial data on external device and local device as well. In this blog we have learned about 2 different approaches to recover the video files but however manual methods comes with limitations. This is when Stellar Photo Recovery Software comes into picture which fulfills all your limitations and efficiently recovers deleted video files. Stellar data Recovery India is an authorized and certified company which ensures 100% guarantee of safe and reliable recovery.