How to Record Radio 6

Record Radio

Would you not love listening to your favorite music or favorite show on radio 6. If yes, then the recording is the best option for you. However, you may be asking yourself how that is possible. Worry no more since there are better ways to do it. If you follow them as outlined here, you will get a perfect final recording.

Furthermore, the recording is possible since it has no complicated formats to be followed to make things happen. It does not require you to install anything or ask for any compliance. It only involves simple ways that, when you utilize it, will allow you to get the best you have been yearning for.

You can use a PC

Below are the steps that will allow you to record whatever you want, i.e., a song or favorite talk show that you would love to hear later on your pc.

Activate web radio recorder

It’s the first essential step towards recording radio 6. You don’t have to follow a lot of complicated procedures. Just launch a free sound recorder. After launching it, you will see a drop arrow. Click on that arrow. The arrow will lead you to the main radio menu, where you will select radio 6.

There are several other radios, but radio 6 is the one to choose in this case. You will hear the sound of the radio and click on the record option. The option will allow you to connect to the web radio recorder you activated earlier.

Select a sound source

To make the recording perfect and effective, you must choose a proper sound source and sound card. You can select from the recording mixer droplist. The advantage is that the sound source is not one. There are many of them that you can choose from. For instance, you can select. Examples of them are video volume, phone line, aux volume, and stereo mixer. Using them will give you satisfaction in terms of the quality of sound you need.

Adjusting recording settings

You are never fixed to only limited options. Recording streaming radio 6 allows you to make further adjustments according to your needs. The room for flexibility is provided, especially if you want to format the sound to either MP3, WMA, or OGG. Streaming radio6 gives you the best experience ever.

Wait no more: Click on start

You have no reason to wait if you have done the above. You have access to both “start” and “stop” buttons, and therefore it’s upon you to decide. You can click on start to proceed to stream. However, if you feel that you have streamed enough, you can decide to stop it.

Is there any other option to stream Radio 6?

Of course, there is another option that you can consider enabling you to stream radio 6 effectively.


If you have been looking for the perfect software that can allow you to record radio broadcasts, then uSave.it is the perfect option for you.

Here is how it works

It stores the audio in the cloud. The main reason is to allow you to access the audio anytime you need it to enjoy your recordings. Also, uSave.it is perfect if you are an individual who is ever occupied in other activities. It will store for you the recorded audio exactly as they were live streamed when you were away.


Recording your favorite audio is a perfect solution to your problems that are brought about by time and other reasons. You only need to choose a perfect option that will give you access to your recording needs.