How to Record A Screen in Windows 10/11?

record screen

A screen recorder for PC is a great way to show someone how to complete a task in an app, show off your gaming skills or capture important meetings or classes.

Screen record tool is built into both Windows 10 and Windows 11 as part of the Xbox Game Bar tool, and using it is extremely simple, even if you want to record your activities in a non-gaming program. However, Game Bar has some limits, so if you’re doing something more complex than just capturing one application at a time, you might want to use a third-party tool like iTop Screen Recorder for screen recording.

Use Xbox Game Bar to Record Windows Screens

The Xbox Game Bar provides a number of features aimed at improving your gaming experience, such as easy access to Xbox chat and a peek at your CPU and GPU performance. However, whether you’re gaming or not, its ability to screen record MP4 movies is its most useful function.

The Xbox Game Bar has one disadvantage: it can only screen record one application at a time and does not capture the Windows desktop or File Explorer. As a result, if you want to show someone how to do an activity that requires multiple programs, you’ll need many videos.

1. Launch the app you want to capture

2. Start screen recording by pressing Windows Key + Alt + R. A small recording widget appears somewhere on the screen, most usually in a corner, showing how long you’ve been recording. You may also reach here by pressing Windows Key + G and then looking for the capture widget, but the keyboard shortcut is much easier.

3. Take any actions you want and record sounds with your microphone. If you don’t want to record any sound, you can also mute the mic.

4. To end screen recording, press Windows Key + Alt + R again. You can also use the widget’s stop button. You’ll receive a notification that says “Game clip recorded.” If you tap it, you’ll be sent to the Gallery of the Gamebar app, where you can watch the video you recorded. The MP4 file you recorded can also be found in your Videos/Captures folder.

Use iTop Screen Recorder to Record Whole Screen

The major disadvantage of using the built-in Xbox Gamebar to screen record is that it can only record one app at a time and does not show the Windows desktop or File Explorer. You’ll need a third-party program like iTop Screen Recorder to capture your full desktop and all of the windows.

Since it is free and provides easy-to-use screen and game capture features, iTop Screen Recorder is very popular in the game streaming market. You can use iTop Screen Recorder to record the screen on Windows and save it as an MP4 file with no lag.

1. Get iTop Screen Recorder, install it, and run it. Choose a recording mode to record a  screen, record audio, or record a game.

2. Select the screen you want to record and add your face, voice, and mouse clicks by pressing the Microphone, Speaker, Webcam, and Mouse buttons.

3. Press REC to begin recording, minimize the toolbar, capture a screenshot, or draw over the recording using the pen or highlight tools. To stop the recording, press Done or use a hotkey. 4. Save your video in various formats and sizes, edit it, and upload it to YouTube with a single click.