How to protect yourself from being hacked?

Criminal hacking computer system

Almost everyone on this earth is connected to the internet. Without the internet, life seems impossible. It has made us dependent and we cannot proceed without it. People use the internet for multipurpose and make various accounts too.

Having similar passwords for various accounts can be troublesome and may lead to many afflictions. The same password thing can put you in a whole danger by letting the hacker take all your data on all accounts which would have drastic effects.

So, you should make unique passwords for all your account and these unique passwords cannot be stored within a human brain that has to do a lot. For such purposes, certain services that store your passwords have been introduced. They have been built to manage your passwords accurately.

Passwords encryption:

Passwords can be stored in a variety of ways. One of the easiest ways is that you can simply write it on a piece of paper and put it in the safest place in your home. This idea may seem quite traditional to you but it can prove to be effective as well.

This provides two basic benefits: First, it’s relatively easy, and second, you can tell if your security information has been compromised. Combinations for the safe can be stored with an attorney. But at the same time, it can be a bit risky too.

To prevent many risks from various managers, save your passwords including your usernames, credit card numbers, credentials, security pins, etc. They assist in generating and retrieving complex passwords that are stored in encrypted databases.

Password managers may include locally installed applications, online services that are accessed through website portals and locally accessed hardware devices that serve as keys. They are quite safe and compatible with many software too.

Some people favor a password splitting scheme, where half of a master-password (that gives access to all of your passwords) is given to one party (e.g., a spouse), and the other half is given to your lawyer.

To account for the possibility that you and your spouse die at the same time, the spouse’s half also goes to a second lawyer with instructions on contacting the first lawyer. The benefit here is that no one, not your lawyer and not even your spouse, has access to your information.

The only real pitfall to this approach is that some may find it too difficult. Many people approach a security box that is used for storing many valuable things and information as well but many banks have made complex policies that create another headache to do.

On the other hand, many people think that changing their passwords frequently can also benefit them in preventing hackers but this is not so true. Passwords should be changed when they are being compromised. Other than this it is silly to keep on changing passwords.

The best way to secure your credentials and personal information is to be vigilant yourself. These ideas aforementioned may help you but none can give you a hundred percent security.

One of the most common ways people learn they’ve been hacked is when their friends or family members report receiving an odd email or social media message or even seeing strange updates posted on social media profiles.

Anyhow, these ideas must be used and strange messages and alerts must be considered so that you immediately take action.