How to Play HEVC Videos on Windows 10 Computer?

HEVC Videos

Although flying news about AV1 replacing HEVC started from the emergence of AV1 codec in 2015, more than 5 years have passed, HEVC is still the main video codec for UHD videos, especially 4K videos from gadgets, such as iPhone. The requirement to play HEVC videos on Windows 10 will not disappear in a short future.

HEVC shorted from High Efficiency Video Coding is also known as H.265. It’s the successor to H.264, which provides a better data compression rate at the same level of video quality. HEVC is used to code videos in ultra-high resolution up to 8K (8192*4320) thanks to the double data compression ratio compared to H.264. It means the files size of video in H.265 would be only a half of same video content in H.264.  

As a result of high coding efficiency, the H.265 codec is quite difficult to play on many major devices including Windows 10 computers. Because it demands both hardware and software to accomplish the task of H.265/X.265 video playback. The recommendation of the lowest configuration for 4K HEVC playback on Windows 10 is a computer with 8 GB RAM and equivalent GTX 1050 graphics card. With regard to software, you can use 5KPlayer. It’s a free media player having an embedded video cutter to give high-quality playbacks of 4K/5K and 8K FUHD, iPhone, GoPro, etc.

5KPlayer is one of the Super Best & Free HEVC Video Players for Windows 10

5KPlayer, the free video player, is the best option having all-in-one 4K HEVC media player software. It provides super convenience for the user to play 4K UHD, X265 , H.264, 3D, MP4, MKV, 360°, etc. videos, DVDs, and MP3 AAC FLAC music for free.

The free video player is a hardware-accelerated 4K media player which has the ability to play highly-compressed 4K10bit, HEVC player / HDR and H.264 8K videos, in favour of the 64-bit version on Mac and Windows 10, with lightning-fast speed having sustainability of original qualities. It is the simplest procedure where dragging and dropping media files to the multimedia player starts playing the file without any delay. It even keeps CPU consumption to the bare minimum.

Features of free 5KPlayer Media Player

• Play videos in WebM, VP8/9, MP4, H.265, H.264, MKV, WMV, FLV and DVDs.

• Play internet radio, MP3, M3U8/IPTV stream, FLAC, APE, AAC.

• Easily organize every media files.

• Cut videos into clips for sharing, collecting or later editing.

• Powered by Intel QSV, AMD, DXVA, & CUDA NVIDIA GPU acceleration.

• Fluent in UHD & big video: 4K/ HEVC player /HDR/AV1/ X265, up to H.264 8K.

• Available for DLNA stream, iPhone AirPlay, and media download.

4K 8K HDR Support – Livelier & Brighter Picture

Having native support, 5KPlayer for 4K 8K HDR video playback in X265 player, H.264, VP8/9, Xvid, DivX, thus showing every smallest of details of digital captures and high-resolution videos in the crystal-clear picture. No blurring and colour distortion issue. Just enjoy every bit of pixel on-screen with a view in highly excellent quality.

No Virus, No Plugin, 100% Free and Clean

According to the Web of Trust and Virus Total, the software is malware-free. It is an exclusively impressive piece of the solution. Although there is many media player software available in the software market, yet nothing is as wholesome as 5KPlayer media player. Impressive video format support, and organization of media library effortlessly, make it unique. 5KPlayer is packed with many cool features making it truly a winning robustly versatile MP software.

How to Play HEVC Video with Low Configuration Windows 10 Computer?

It is problematic to play H.265 videos on Windows 10 computer with low configuration. What to do in this kind of situation? A good HEVC converter can get the job done without any other hassles. WinX HD Video Converter is a H.265 converter among the top list. It supports convert 4K HEVC video to H.264 MP4 to fit the qualification of compatibility on Windows 10 computer that is not so well-equipped.

The unique level-3 hardware acceleration tech helps WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe shift the loads of HEVC decoding and encoding process from CPU to GPU, making your computer works smoothly during the conversion of HEVC videos.

Only 3 Steps to Convert HEVC to MP4/H.264 

Step 1. After the installation of WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe on your Windows 10, launch it and click “Video” on the screen to start.

Step 2. Choose the target HEVC video, and select MP4/H.264 as output format.

Step 3. Click the big “Run” button in the right-bottom of the UI to countdown the conversion.

In addition to convert H.265 video to MP4 H.264, you are also able to set MKV, AVI, MOV, WMV and many other format as the output according to your need. Besides, you can cut, merge the video, add subtitle and adjust the video/music parameters like resolution, bit rate, aspect ratio and so on.