How to Outsource App Development: An Easy 5 Step Process

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If you have been contemplating to design your own mobile application, it is a wise decision to outsource the complete development part. There is a plethora of reasons to do so- you’ll get more time to concentrate on your pre-launch activities, you can focus on the development of an extensive marketing module for the wider outreach and so on. Outsourcing seems to be a fair answer to the myriad of requirements that you are required to fulfill.

While you inch forward in the direction of outsourcing, rest assured, it doesn’t in any way cut you off from the whole project. In fact, you are going to be in the role of driver’s seat who from a distance will be giving instructions to the development team on how you want your application to turn out to be.

By delegating a major responsibility to a reputed application development company, you can be relieved about the completion timeline too. If you are genuinely looking out means on how to outsource app development, the following steps can help you greatly in the process.

  1. Expectations from the App: Clarity on your end is quintessential. Before you set out on the path to outsourcing the app development, you should set realistic expectations that can be passed on to the developer.

Hence, it always helps to do in-depth research on similar apps which are already operational and jot down the takeaways from them. These can later be discussed with your app development company for the implementation part. Check out software development agency by Celadon providing service for outsourcing on your new projects.

Here are few points which you might be required to brainstorm depending on the functionality you intend to extract from your app.

  • Do you want an integrated purchase feature?
  • Is there going to be an integration with the social media handles (if any)?
  • Are you willing to invest in a premium version of an app or will go with the free one in the beginning?
  • Do you want your app to be native or cross-platform? Pricing will fluctuate accordingly.
  • What sort of login features you want to integrate.
  • Define the platform compatibility
  • Finding an experienced developer: Once you have decided the feature part, search for an expert developer begins. Experience is important, your selected company should have worked on similar projects earlier.

In case you are looking to create an app which has iOS capability, it is important that you specifically lookout for the developers who have experience of working on iOS apps.

Placing an ad can help where you can describe your requirements. Also, you can look out for developers via the internet having the matching capabilities that you require to get the app developed.

If you put your ad on the Upwork or Freelancer with the cost that you are intending to provide, almost immediately you’ll start receiving responses. However, do not rush into the decision making. Let the post stay live and wait for responses to draw. Evaluate each and every proposal before taking the final call.

  • Have a word with the prospective developer: Do not commit the mistake of hiring the bidder without actually communicating with him/her. Skype can be used to discuss the requirements of the project live. There are many other mediums of communications like Google Hangouts, Viber, Facebook chat etc. which you can use to have one on one conversation.

Instant messaging has an advantage over the emails. You do not have to wait endlessly for the responses. Also, there can be many changes happening in the development period, IMs can be used to communicate instantly.

However, written communication has its own importance, hence; emails shouldn’t be done away with. Make sure you document every detail to remove the chances miscommunications.

  • Interview: Communication is the key to successful project completion. You need to interview the bidder to know if your instructions are being clearly understood at the other end.

You can ask them to share their experience in App development. Specifically, check about the apps they have developed and their compatibility. Ability to cater to different platforms can highlight the versatility of the developer.

  • Negotiation: Do not forget to negotiate with your bidders. If the bidder has given a higher rate, you may ask them for their reasons. Negotiate as much as you can because once the price is frozen, you’ll have to pay the committed amount after project completion.

Following the above steps diligently will land you with a reputable app development company, so that will be one responsibility less which leaves you with more time to focus on the marketing part.