How to Optimize Vue.js for creating a Headless Magento Store?

headless magento

Ever since JavaScript frameworks came into existence we have seen a complete transformation in the methodologies of websites that are built today.

We are looking the consistent futuristic approach in the e-commerce industry. And thatís where we need to think about how to take the maximum benefit of the ongoing demand.

When we talk about the Vue.js framework, there are lots of features and interesting to learn about. Isnít it?

It may be its capability to build single-page applications or its support for building progressive web apps.

Slowly and steadily Vue.js framework is making it’s way better than ever. Vue.js framework is soon going to hit all records because of its features.

Likewise, the core reason behind its popularity is community support. And this cannot be completed without the developers around the world.

Now, what could be the scenario when a framework has huge dynamism?

But, what makes it unique is it looks to favour PWAs which is the next big thing in the development world.

You have a similar kind of seamless experience of mobile but through the web. And could be utilized offline in a normal pc and we have lots of examples there.

Why Is The Headless Concept So Much In News?

A ďheadlessĒ website aims to maintain the content of the site in editors through the old admin interface as we have been doing.

It offers an amazing user-experience through an application that renders the output through API into HTML.

And this is all possible through the Vue.js framework. So, what is next for front-end developers?

– They are relieved from structures and conversations of the back-end and can completely captivate the user experience through native tools.

– It enhances the speed and performance of a website as now it responsively delivers content.

– Front-end developers can now completely focus on the functionality of a website, faster page loading time, and smoothness in browsing each page.

As we can see that people are migrating more towards mobile devices from computers and laptops, there is a huge demand for responsive mobile-based e-commerce apps that fulfils every need of a user.

In that scenario, Vue.js is the perfect match that has a huge capability and scope for PWAs and even more.

You can find some best vuejs templates by WrapPixel, which can help you to achieve your goal faster.

There is an obvious thing about spending a huge amount of budget over-designing the most marvellous mobile app. But still, they are pushed back just due to improper design and page load time.

Simultaneously, waiting for a page to load that takes more time always annoys visitors. This also forces them to find a better alternative than what they are currently using it.

These are small things but require the utmost attention from the perspective of a brand.

Optimizing & Integrating Magento with Vue.js

Vue.js framework has the most favourable architecture for a headless website that supports PWAs seamlessly.

Using Vue Storefront and Magento you can enhance the speed, user experience, and gain more flexibility over your business model.

This ultimately encourages focusing on newer features and functionalities using lazy loading for the amazing customer shopping experience.

Vue.js for Magento 2 stores is ideal because of many reasons.

The core reason being virtual DOM created by Vue.js that encourages engaging UI.

For a Magento-based store, API driven templates play an important role and that does Vue.js.

When you use Vue.js as Front-End it becomes easier to handle Magento in the back-end.

It enables developers to code in any script from HTML, CSS to Java but that allows you to add multiple features and its lightweight ability can save your app from getting overloaded and under-performing.

How The Headless Approach Is The New World?

When we use a headless approach with Magento and Vue.js it looks database information as field thereby rendering product pages for a responsive experience.

There are easy methods to integrate Magento with Vue.js that enables performance, controls, features, and permissions to Vue Storefront API.

When we bifurcate layers in the Magento store it gives enough space to create steady front-end helping you to achieve the best performance for your online store.

There are so many frameworks out there for front-end but Vue.js is the most preferred choice because of its flexibility features.

Not only that the biggest for every developer is its size.

Vue.js even solves this problem because it creates one of the most lightweight files that weigh in kilobytes.

Isnít that interesting?

And you know for eCommerce websites having a lightweight file size matters the most because it directly affects the performance and page loading time.

The same thing if doing only with Magento has such a complex structure that occupies a lot of space and reduces the performance as well as does not turn out to be engaging user experience.

Do you know something interesting about Vue.js?

No, let me tell you that Vue.js has got amazing tools to offer and after release, it brings in a couple of new tools for testing, debugging, performance, database, and other purposes.

These in-built are updated, tested, and have various features.

Achievable after integrating Magento store and Vue.js

Using these you can synchronize data easily for your store with essential product information and do not have to remain dependent on other sources.

You can synchronize the shopping cart which is not at all easy but with Vue.js can be done without many complexities.

The biggest achievement is multiple customization options that you get while implementing both of these.

Also, performance and compatibility issues can completely be eradicated.


We always talk of personalization from the perspective of a user.

But the integration of Vue.js and Magento has made it a clear way for reliable Magento as a backend. This also opens up possibilities for countless customization options.

Here, developers get personalization of focusing upon features, performance, than communicating with back-end and database connection.

Moreover, we should not forget that Vue.js is the weapon for e-commerce websites backed with a headless approach.

So, this is the right time to explore and get your eCommerce restructured again with the Vue.js framework.

The reason being this technology is new and has unleashed potential within it.