How to Mute a Video Using VLC and YouTube

vlc mute

Words generally can’t do a picture justice and a video is justified regardless of a thousand pictures and on the off chance that you see ongoing patterns, clients have now begun to share more videos than any time in recent memory. Notwithstanding, individuals still abstain from posting videos on the web and one of the significant reasons is a direct result of the crappy sound that is caught by your phone’s amplifier.

The sound can likewise be humiliating once in a while when somebody around you doesn’t know that you are shooting. Yet at the same time, the sound ought not to prevent you from transferring your lovely occasion video to the web. Simply expel the sound from the video and quiet it and later, include some mitigating music out of sight and it will be great.

So here’s the secret to quiet a video utilizing VLC and YouTube for nothing and with no breaking points.

How to remove sound using VLC

On the off chance that it’s a PC and you can install VLC on it, it’s a standout amongst other approaches to expel sound from any video. To begin, open the VLC Media player and tap on Media and select the option of Convert/Save (Ctrl+R).

On the Open Media window that opens up, tap on Add and select the video record that you might want to quiet the sound from and tap on the Convert/Save button.

At the point when the change over window opens up, first, select the profile you might want to use to change over the video. Next, tap on the choice of Edit Selected Profile by it and you will be taken to the page where you can alter the chose to profile.

Any profile you pick will have a sound tab to arrange the sound codec and bitrate that you might want to utilize. Here, just uncheck the sound option and spare the settings.

At long last, select the yield way again when you are on the Convert window and starting the change procedure. The transformation will around take an indistinguishable measure of time from the length of the video and you will have the capacity to see the procedure on the VLC look for the bar.

After the change, if done, simply play the changed over video and it won’t have any solid like the first media. You can now re-alter it to incorporate custom tracks or transfer to social media without stress.

How to remove sound using YouTube

This strategy must be taken as an option on the off chance that you are not ready to utilize VLC on your PC, as this procedure incorporates transferring the video to the web and after that downloading it. It won’t just require included investment yet, in addition, cost you some extra transmission capacity. On the off chance that you are prepared, transfer the video to your YouTube record and make sure to stamp it as private.

Keep the transfer settings as default as it won’t make any difference much and sit tight for YouTube to process it totally.

Once the video is prepared, open the YouTube video editor page and drag the video you transferred to your library. At the point when on video proofreader, explore to the sound tab and utilize the volume slider to quiet the video. On the off chance that that is all you need, give a name to the new video (venture) and tap on the button Create video.

You can likewise add mood melodies to these videos utilizing the YouTube video editor.

The new video will be prepared which may take a while and will be added to your video library alongside all the transfers you have done. Presently, you should simply, tap on the down bolt alongside the Edit button and select the Download option.


So that was the manner by which you can utilize VLC and YouTube to expel sound from any given video. The reason I pick these two instruments is that they are allowed to use with no restriction and works with the greater part of the notable media document arrange. If you know such other great tools, do share with us.