How To Monitor Someone Else’s Computer Remotely

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It’s easy to find a spy app for monitoring a PC, but the odds of that app being the best of its kind are quite low.

You are likely going to spend a lot of money and still not be able to extract the information you were craving. That’s the reason why choosing a PC monitoring app with a fluke is not a good idea.

But we have something for you that’s personally tested by us and is surely going to work for tracking the activities of the target user’s PC/laptop.

That something comes by the name pcTattletale. The unique features of the app and their working is going to impress you and surprise you at the same time.

So, let’s see how pcTattletale works before the target person create some problem and it’s too late to monitor them.

Monitoring Someone Else’s Computer Remotely With pcTattletale

Compatibility of pcTattletale

pcTattletale is a popular app for monitoring PC, but the app is not just limited to PC monitoring. It can keep a track of devices from other operating systems as well.

Let’s check out the operating system and their version that pcTattletale can spy on.

Windows PC/Laptops

  • Windows XP
  • Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10

These are all the versions of Windows PC that are compatible with pcTattletale.


(Lollipop) Android 5

(Marshmallow) Android 6

(Nougat) Android 7

(Oreo) Android 8

(Pie) Android 9

Q Android 10

These are the versions of Android that are trackable with pcTattletale. Other than Android and Windows, all the versions of Kindle Fire HD are also monitorable with pcTattletale.

Purchasing And Creating Account On pcTattletale

For using pcTattletale for the monitoring of your lover, the app needs to be installed on the target Windows PC first.

But first, you need to make an account on pcTattletale and purchase the services of the app. And you need to do that using your own device (monitoring device) first.

1. Visit the official website of pcTattletale, and on the home page, scroll down till you see the pricing plans of the app. Select a suitable plan for yourself by clicking on Buy Now.

2. This will take you to the next page where you need to create an account on pcTattletale by proving your email address and setting up a password. Click on CREATE FREE ACCOUNT after filling up this information.

3. Finally, you need to purchase the selected plan by filling up your card details and clicking on BUY NOW option.

4. Once your account is created, Add A Device that you want to monitor with the app.

5. In the next step, you need to select the Windows option by clicking on Next if you are going to use pcTattletale for the monitoring of Windows PC.

Finally, you will get an app downloading link from pcTattletale. Make sure to keep that link safe as it is going to be used further for installing the app on the target device.

With this, your pcTattletale account is created and now it’s time to take physical access to your teen’s PC for installing an app on it.

Setting Up pcTattletale App on The Target Computer

1. Using any browser on your lover’s PC, open the link that you got at the end while you were creating an account on pcTattletale.

2. Once you download the app, it’s time to Log In to the app by providing the same email and password, that you used while creating your pcTattletale account.

3. For making the tracking possible with pcTattletale, you have to agree to the license agreement by tapping on Next.

4. At last, you have to simply tap on Finish to complete the installation wizard of pcTattletale for Windows PC monitoring.

Now that the app installation on your spouse’s device is done, you can spy on them remotely. For that, you need to go back to your own device and click on the Sign in option that you see on the top.

Monitoring Features of pcTattletale


Tracking of words can never be made so easy. pcTattletale can easily extract all the words that the user types in different apps on their device.

For instance, if your child is using WhatsApp web, or searching for something on the web, you will see those words at the top.

For viewing all the keystrokes, you need to tap on the given keyboard icon. As you would expect, every single keystroke was tracked by pcTattletale.

Live Viewing

This is the most unique monitoring feature that you will ever get. Live Viewing will help you see the activities being done on the target PC in real-time, and that too remotely.

Whether your kid is using social media, browsing on the internet, studying, or doing anything else, you can get updated on each and everything with the help of Live Viewing. That said, you might have to face some problems while they are watching a video.

While the target person is watching a video, pcTattletale stuck at a particular frame of the video. Frames might change in between but you won’t be able to watch the video.

But these few frames might be enough to reveal the type of video they are watching.

Record Activities

It’s quite obvious that you don’t have the whole day for tracking the target person. But on the other hand, you can’t bear to leave the activities of your kids unchecked.

In order to tackle this problem, pcTattletale can help you out by recording the target PC’s activities while you are offline. Once you are online again, you can check the recorded video.

The same can be done for other previous days as well. Apart from watching the recorded videos, you can download them as well.

Click Activity

In order to keep the kids away from PC addiction, keeping a watch on their PC use is mandatory. But you can’t do that while you are somewhere far.

But by viewing the number of clicks made every hour, you can make an estimate about the time spent on the PC.


Now let’s discuss that at what price is pcTattletale available for you. Basically, there are 3 plans of pcTattletale, the first one is FAMILY, the second one is FAMILY PLUS, and the third one is the BUSINESS plan. All three plans are available for monitoring 3 devices at a time.

The difference between the plans is based on the data you can save with each plan. With the FAMILY plan, you can save 7 days of data and it costs $99. The FAMILY PLUS plan is available for $147 and you can save the data for the last 30 days. As for the BUSINESS plan, you can save the data for the last 365 days, and it is available for $297.


Monitoring of PC devices is not given as much preference as it is given to cell phones. But tracking the computer activities of the child is equally important.

The app you are going to choose for PC monitoring should work perfectly if you want to know the truth your loved ones are hiding.

Without any doubt, nothing can work better than pcTattletale for this purpose.