How To Manage Projects with Milestones

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A project milestones refers to a task having zero duration and provides a vital achievement throughout the project. Therefore, a milestone can represent a transparent sequence of events building up at the end of the project.

Many project managers use project management software to know how their projects are advancing. They have zero durations, which helps them to symbolize achievement. And milestone, its significant feature used is task association.

 Project Milestone Best Practices

If you want to plan your schedule, start several project milestones together. After that, you can estimate for completion date and then compare it with your actual date of completion. For milestones, they are supposed to be minimal control points for a project, especially those who are not familiar with the project like executives, high-level sponsors, and stakeholders in the organization.

So that you can manage your project correctly, your key milestone should be scheduled for better management of your stakeholders’ expectations. That is the only way you can define all your projects’ progress, identify completed milestones, and those lagging. Besides, you can easily manage your expectations involved in your project.

Creating A Project Milestone

It is easy to create a project milestone depending on the project management software. After mapping your overall processes and making necessary plans with your team, you only have to add tasks, determine task owners, and locate chart milestones. You will find it easy to add milestones or even convert a task using a milestone.

The first step to start, sign up with your project management software.

Project Management with milestones

If you want to give your stakeholders and clients’ a high-level view of your project, there are steps to follow. Here are ways to manage your projects in milestones:

It will depend on the software you’re using, but you have to add an hour milestone to the Gantt chart. The diamond icon should point the timeline. If you want to create a milestone, pick a task on an hourly schedule, and then change your property to a milestone. After you hover the milestone icon, you will see its name.

With the help of Gantt charts, your project will have a full advantage for milestones. It is, therefore, an interactive planning tool that takes the complexity of the project through editing. So, if you want to plan the project, you should add a task and duration, such as date. Then, the Gantt chart can populate your timeline automatically.

Besides, a project management software will easily assign tasks to your team. You can also use it to monitor your team’s progress to help achieve the project milestone.

Some software comes with a collaboration platform. The platform can help you and your team to share files and updates, enable dialogues for the tasks. Depending on the software, you can set up automatic alerts that ensure milestones have been achieved.

Bottom line

Milestones are among the many project management tools you can use with project management software. When you want to choose a project management software, consider one with major needed features such as real-time data, milestones, collaborative platform, among others.