How to make Windows 7 louder, even when you’ve set the volume to max

To make everything louder you just need few steps and say voila, now you don’t have to suffer in silence from quiet music and videos. we have some awesome ways to pump up the volume.

In Windows 7, If you find Windows 7 strangely quiet, even when you’ve got your speaker volume set to maximum, you’re not alone; many users have found its sound feebler than on other operating systems.

One way to make it louder is to go to Control Panel, ‘Hardware and Sound’, Sound and highlight your speakers (or headphones) in the ‘Select a playback device’ box. Click Properties, Enhancements and select the option Enable Loudness equalization.

increase volume

And we have few more tricks to make Windows 7 louder.

Increase volume of AUDIO FILES: If you don’t use iTunes, you may prefer to make your MP3s louder. Our favourite tool for the job is MP3Gain, even though it hasn’t been updated for a while. Just drag audio files and folders to the software set a target volume and click Track Gain to increase the tracks’ decibel level. The free program is also useful for making

Increase volume in BBC IPLAYER: Want to watch your favourite shows on BBC iPlayer at full blast? Then hover your mouse over the on-screen volume control and move it all the way past 10 to 11. Brilliantly, a blog by a member of the iPlayer’s design team confirms this is an intentional reference to the “these go to 11” speakers scene in This is Spinal Tap

Increase volume in Tablets and smartphones: If you’d like your Nexus 7 or your Android phone to be a little louder, there are several free apps that can help.

One of the simplest and best is Speaker Boost, which increases the volume of your speaker and headphones when you’re playing music and films (it doesn’t make phone calls any louder, though).

If you want something fancier, try Music Volume EQ, which offers a five-band equalizer with BassBoost and nine custom presets, so you can switch between different volume settings.

For iPhones and iPads, VolumeBoost Free promises to make your device three times louder than the default setting and automatically adjusts the volume depending on whether you’re using the speaker or headphones.

Increase volume in iTunes Music: You can boost the volume of individual tracks in iTunes by right-clicking them and choosing Get Info.

Click the Options tab and drag the ‘Volume adjustment’ slider bar to the right to make the song as loud as you want. To increase the volume of your entire iTunes library, go to Edit, Preferences and click the Playback tab.

Select Sound Enhancer and drag the slider bar towards the ‘high’ setting. This will boost the bass and treble frequencies of all music you play in iTunes, making the sound more punchy and crisp. You should also make sure the Sound Check option is unticked.

This attempts to ‘normalise’ the volume of all the songs in your collection but often makes many tracks quieter.