How to Make the Checkout Process Easier for Your Online Business

Checkout Process

If you are looking for a high-impact strategy to boost your online store sales, perhaps it is time to simplify your checkout process. The experience that customers go through during checkout tends to determine whether they will complete the purchase or abandon their carts. With the rate of shopping cart abandonment being high, any move that can reduce the number of customers leaving your site should be pursued. Here are some of the effective ways of simplifying the checkout process for your customers.

Streamline the checkout process

When it comes to designing the checkout process for an online store, less is more. The fewer the steps that someone has to go through, the fewer the clicks a customer will make and the shorter the path they take to the purchase. A checkout process with only the address, delivery, and payment is likely to lead to more conversions than a process requiring more details like a login requires. Requiring a lot of information from customers will only confuse or annoy them, leading to high rates of cart abandonment.

Visualize the checkout process

Online shoppers need reassurance that the checkout process is short and simple. With convenience being a priority for many shoppers, a visual checkout process encourages them to stay put and go through the process to the end. A good way to achieve this is displaying progress indicators that tell the shopper where they are in the process and what’s remaining. This way, you’re offering them an idea of how much further they have to go.

Make checkout page mobile-friendly

Many online shoppers tend to make their purchases using their mobile phones. Making your ecommerce site mobile-friendly will attract many of these customers and increase your overall sales. Optimizing your checkout page for mobile users will increase your conversion rates and improve your sales. Since most sales are now made on mobile devices, you can be at a real disadvantage when your site is not mobile.

Build trust with customers

Online shoppers value trust greatly, especially when it comes to sharing their personal details. Your business is more likely to enjoy high conversion rates if your customers feel safe and secure making their purchases. Make sure that your customers know their credit card information and other payment details are secure whenever they are making orders on your site. Make your site trustworthy by adding security logos and Trustmark that indicate the technical security of your store.

Simplify the payment process

The checkout page is the final stop for your customers when they visit your site. One of the ways of getting them over the line to complete the purchase is making the payment process simple and user-friendly. While doing so, consider providing a variety of payment methods, guest checkout, and order summary. The goal is to make sure that the customer understands what they are buying and that they can pay with a method that is convenient to them. 

Customers are sensitive to the amount of time they spend on a site before completing a purchase. In this regard, any form of information overload is detrimental to the buying experience. Make sure you are only asking relevant details from your customers when they check out. Any irrelevant fields should be removed and stick to the bare minimum.