How To Make Moving In Arlington Fun?


What comes to your mind when you hear the word “moving”? That is right! The stress of expenses, time, and effort. It is far from fun. However, there is a way you can decrease the stress and use the moving time to bond with your family and friends.

Arlington has been stated as the best city to live in America with the presence of the Pentagon. It is a beautiful and safe city to live in. Whether you are moving in or out of Arlington, an Arlington moving company can make things much faster, easier, and of course, fun.

Things To Do Before Moving

The first thing that experienced movers always say is to plan early. The earlier you plan, the better consequences you can receive. Planning includes the following:

  • Keep a track of your expensive and fragile items.
  • Organize stuff into separate boxes and labels.
  • Be on time for your rent and other bills, and get the details of moving out fixed.
  • Have a look at your new building and ask for specific moving rules
  • Know the entry points of the building, parking spots, and width of the corridors.
  • Apply for a change of address once you have signed the contract for the new house.
  • Find a suitable moving company.

How To Find a Moving Company?

Getting packers and movers is not rocket science. However, finding the right ones require a bit of time and effort. To make your later moving time fun, you would have to get movers whom you can trust. Follow these steps to find a suitable company.

Web Research

Look for reviews, testimonies, and comments on the moving company’s website. You may also look for 3rd party reviews.

Real-Time Feedback

You may get some feedback from your neighbors who used the same packers and movers as you are going to. Usually, they are honest and don’t have a lot of time to think, like the testimonials on the internet.

Get a Quote

Once you have enough info, you can start asking them your doubts. You would start the conversation by asking for a quote based on the number of bedrooms you currently have, a complete list of items, the distance of the move, and the date.

Call or Email

When you receive a quote, you are assigned a moving partner. You can always ask your moving partner whatever queries you have. You can write an email by listing all your questions or call them up and get your questions answered.

Accept the Quote

If you are happy with the quote, then you can go ahead and accept and confirm the booking. On the other hand, if you are not happy, you can ask for clarification. Raise your concerns with the quote and if the company provides you with proper explanations then you can accept it. In another case, you can reject it.

Book the Date

Usually, they will take your move if they find the date suitable. You can provide a range if you cannot give a specific date. It is suggested to stick to the original date and continue as planned. Cancellations and postponements will be stressful and expensive.

Make Moving Fun

Now that you have a trustworthy moving company by your side, you can relax and make this time enjoyable. The following tips will help:

1.   Call Your Friends and Family

Packing is a huge process. But it becomes better with the people you love. Gather your family members and give a task to everyone. Get packing material from your parents or other relatives. That can help you save money.

It is also a good time to make the family bond stronger. If there are broken relationships, the moving time would come to your rescue and provide you with an opportunity to make up.

2.   Take at Least 1 Week to Pack

Don’t try to do everything in one day. Start with clothing, especially the ones you don’t need. Fill up the suitcases that you have. Then start filling other boxes with kitchen essentials, bathroom stuff, fragile stuff, books, and others.

Take one room at a time or one space at a time. Deal with the furniture a day or two before. If you have things from IKEA, you can start disassembling them. Be careful of screws and save them in a small packet.

3.   Ask Kids To Help

If you have kids, get your kids involved in the packing process. Let them pack their toys and clothes. You help them as they do. Doing so is a great way to create responsibility among children. When you let the children do their stuff, they develop self-confidence and self-awareness.


In short, Arlington moving can be fun if you plan everything. Of course, you would also have to talk to your family and friends if they are free during the time you are thinking of moving. Communicate with them before you fix a date.

Take some time to plan the whole thing, get packing material, and get everyone together. It could be like a small excursion with family in the form of moving.