How to Make Money Programming – 4 Smart Ideas

Are you a programmer and looking for ways to make money online? Today, there are numerous online opportunities for programmers. 

As the world of technology develops, the value of programming skills also goes up. The most exciting thing about this is how the internet has also created an opportunity for programmers. There are many incredible ways to make money online with programming skills.

If you learn various coding languages and programs, then you can offer your skills online and start generating income online.

Here are 4 smart ways how to make money programming .


If you’re a programmer, you can always start a blog in the programming niche. There are many ways to monetize a blog as a programmer, which includes offering coding skills online, charging for premium content, and earning through affiliate links.

Write SEO-friendly content with the relevant keywords to rank your page in the search engines. Ensure that you have done both on-page and off-page SEO optimization for better results.

Become An Online Educator And Sell Courses Online

Many people want to learn how to do coding today. Why not teach them online? Create courses online using different learning management systems  and sell them to budding coders who want to learn.

You can also populate your website with free tutorials and content to showcase your authority in the subject and to build traffic and then start selling your courses when you have a big customer base.

Also, if you become a computer science instructor, you can get paid to teach coding. There are Universities, online coding tutoring platforms and coding Bootcamp looking for coding and computer science instructors that you can apply to.

You can also teach hundreds of finance students who are more than eager to learn coding and Python.

Engage in Data Journalism

Another lucrative venture for coding experts that gives opportunity to make money programming is to become a data analyst. Data journalism, which is journalism that used data and statistics to tell interesting findings and stories is a gold mine. Journalists with Python knowledge are in high demand because they can sort through vast amounts of data, analyze it, and visualize their findings.

Some of the software libraries that you can work within Python include pandas, which you can use to sort and process information, as well as identify trends, matplotlib which helps create charts and BeautifulSoup meant for Screen Scraping. Also, you can create a blog and tell those fact-based stories to the world.

Become an Entrepreneur 

Start your own tech startup or coding business!

How many times have you thought to yourself, “there should be an app for this..”? If you’re into mobile development, start coding your own apps!

Alternatively, if you have a great business idea and wish to team up with like-minded coding enthusiasts, you could establish your own technology start-up. It doesn’t have to be anything too big at first. Usually, the most successful startups have an incredibly simple business idea.

All you need to do is to offer people a way to do things more easily or quickly by using technology – that’s it.

One very viable idea for a successful startup is to create a web application of your own. Team up with backend and front-end developers and create a tool you believe in.