How to Make Money Online in 2021

Make Money Online

More and more people are looking to make money on the internet. Some were laid off from their work, while others have too much free time on their hands and would prefer to do something productive.

Luckily, there are multiple methods to make money online. If you want to give it a try, consider the ideas mentioned below. And keep in mind that you do not have to succeed with your first idea. Continue moving forward and trying different methods until you land on one that works.

Idea #1 – Write Customer Reviews

Online stores need customer reviews to improve sales. A potential buyer is less likely to spend their money on a product if there is not enough information about it, particularly customer reviews.

Dropshipping websites use tools like the Opinew Shopify Reviews App to import customer reviews directly from ecommerce platforms like Amazon and eBay. However, that may not be enough, and hiring someone who can write reviews from scratch is also a common practice.

You could be the person who offers these services. Look for review-writing gigs on freelancer websites like Fiverr and Upwork, forums, and social media groups.

Idea #2 – Try Email Marketing

Email marketing is another fun idea to consider. While the method is effective, not all businesses take advantage of their email list. Also, there are some campaigns that fail to recognize how certain emails end up in the recipients’ spam folder, and hardly anyone bothers to check spam in their email inbox.

Studying the ins and outs of email marketing will come in handy in the future. You can start a website yourself and gather an email list to use for practice. Once you have the experience, send offers to potential employers and offer your services as an email marketing specialist.

Idea #3 – Work With Cryptocurrency

Some will say that cryptocurrency is no longer a profitable niche, but the reality is quite different. Sure, bitcoin may not be worth as much as it did some time ago, but there are other currencies that have potential.

You do not have to trade crypto to make money in this niche. No, there are other ways. The important thing is to gain some knowledge about cryptocurrency intricacies and put that to good use. For example, you could start a podcast or write a blog.

Idea #4 – Stream on Twitch TV

Becoming a top streamer on Twitch TV will take a lot of time. However, if you have an entertaining personality or talent to play musical instruments, then you are already ahead of thousands of people who are pursuing the same dream.

Focus on interacting with your audience and stick to a regular schedule. Once you become a regular streamer, viewers will expect to see you online, and failing to meet these expectations is detrimental to the channel.

As for channel monetization, you can expect to make money from viewer donations and subscriptions. Creating a YouTube channel to post highlights is also a good way to monetize your content.

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Idea #5 – Complete Surveys Online

A survey takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. If you have an hour or so to spare every day, you can fill out about five surveys.

Sure, not all surveys will pay out in cash. Some will offer you discount coupons and gift cards, but that still works if you are looking to improve your financial situation.

Check Swagbucks, Toluna, LifePoints, and other similar platforms. Also, remember that you may find different surveys for computers and smartphones. If you run out of available surveys on one device, switch to another.

Idea #6 – Teach via Video Chat

If you can offer graphic design, English, or coding lessons, do not hesitate and go for it. Having experience like that gives you an opportunity to teach others.

However, instead of creating video tutorials and posting them on YouTube or platforms like Skillshare, look for students and interact with them directly via video chat. There are plenty of eager people, both young and old, who would love to improve their current skill set or learn something new.

Idea #7 – Join Customer Support

Joining customer support is not just about making money. Solving customer problems gives you valuable experience that you could use later if you decide to start an online store yourself.

Now for the work itself. You will mostly have to interact with customers via emails, social media, and direct messages on a website. Some positions require you to be on phone duty, but that is not that common these days because more and more customers prefer to interact with support by texting.

You may be unfamiliar with the services or products, and solving problems will take longer than you wish. However, once you memorize relevant information, things will pick up, and you will have an easier time helping customers in need.