How to Make Money on Clubhouse???

How to Make Money on Clubhouse?

The invite-only chatroom app Clubhouse is surging in popularity right now, presenting a lucrative opportunity for content creators. How it works is simple: a conversation begins about a certain topic, and interested people can join the room to take part in a discussion. This idea has now been monetized, and what started as a simple audio-only social networking app has blossomed into a major revenue stream for many. Clubhouse creators scavenging for the easiest ways to make money on Clubhouse need look no further, as our article will help your profits skyrocket.

Easy Ways to Earn Money on Clubhouse

1) Sponsorships

By far, one of the most lucrative methods of earning money on Clubhouse is landing sponsorship deals. A variety of companies are tapping into the Clubhouse market right now, looking for people to promote their products. Build up your fan-base enough, and you’ll start seeing sponsorship requests flood in.

Companies want to hire Clubhouse creators with loyal listeners to that they can market products or services. These are fans that trust your opinion enough to buy something that you recommend. Be careful, though; if your audience feels you’re pushing ads on them too strongly, they might lose interest. Creators who can toe the line will have the opportunity to earn substantial checks from the company whose product they’re promoting.

2) Direct Contribution from Listeners

Direct Contribution from Listeners

There’s one particular simple way to monetize your Clubhouse account: have people send you money directly. The idea here is that you want to create content so good someone would pay for it.

Offering unique viewpoints or materials that people won’t get elsewhere can make fans want to send you money directly to show their support. You used to have to include links to accounts like Venmo or CashApp to receive funds, but this is no longer the case. Last year, Clubhouse unveiled a “Payments” feature, allowing fans to give money straight to their favorite creators. Keep impressing your viewers, and those donations will start rolling in.

3) Paid Rooms

Not everyone on Clubhouse is invited to every single chat room. A great way to earn funds on Clubhouse is to set up a private room that users have to pay a fee to get into. Listeners will ideally be made aware of the event beforehand so they have time to RSVP, send the payment, and get their names on the list.

Paid rooms should have some special hook that people would be willing to pay extra for. Many Clubhouse creators will invite guests to speak on a wide variety of topics. This method is most profitable if those special guests are knowledgeable enough in their given field that they would be considered an expert.

4) Brand Partnerships

Any business owner reading this guide will want to pay close attention here, as brand partnerships can do wonders for your bottom line. Networking is as important in Clubhouse as it is in the office, especially for entrepreneurs. Connect with like-minded business owners that offer a product or service relevant to your own offerings, and you just might find that you share a mutual benefit in working together.

Loads of networking rooms are available for you to reach out to other business owners directly and see if they want to partner with you. Finding the right partner can increase your brand awareness and allow you to reach a whole new audience, funneling more money into your pocket.

5) Ask Me Anything (AMA)

Clubhouse creators that are an expert in a certain topic can make money by charging people for one-on-one “Ask Me Anything” sessions. You’ll be answering questions about whatever topic you feel comfortable in, whether it’s business advice, relationship advice, or practically anything else under the sun.

It’s best to be as specific as possible here. People are paying to ask you questions because your expert status means you’re the most qualified individual to help solve their problems. Make it clear what kind of questions you will answer in your AMA room, and don’t be afraid to tell listeners why they should come to you for any and all information about your chosen topic.

6) Become a Panelist

Become a Panelist

Gain enough followers on Clubhouse, and you might be invited to join chat rooms as a panelist. This means you’ll be one of several speakers called to weigh in on a certain topic. Raise your hand to be given the stage floor, and you can share whatever your thoughts are on the matter at hand.

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7) Sell Tickets to Premium Rooms

Opening a private room that you control access to is another great way to earn money on Clubhouse. You can charge a fee for users to join your premium chat room, raking in profits with each ticket sale. Right now, it’s easier than ever to earn funds this way, as you can receive them directly through Clubhouse Payments or to your account on a third-party app like Venmo.

Final Thoughts

Making money on Clubhouse can be a breeze if you use the right strategy. Clubhouse creators that implement the above tips see excellent organic growth in their followings, leading to a massive increase in revenue. If you’re looking to make a living on Clubhouse, start building your audience today with Media Mister.