How to Make Money If You Have Great Essay Writing Skills

Writing Skills

Great essay writing skills are a blessing as there are many people who are unable to prepare quality pieces of writing. Increasingly, essay writing skills can be used to make money as well. Various platforms are available today, mostly on the World Wide Web, which can assist a person’s appetite for preparing good quality essays. An essay writer has to take care of the writing style, grammar, active or passive voice, and the target audience before writing an essay.


A writer has multiple avenues available today to make money as an essay writer. Blogging is a popular mode of writing today. There was a time when newspaper articles enjoyed large viewership. However, today, blogs read a large audience of different age groups. This is because blogs are comparatively informal, written in user-friendly language, and are many times written by people who are passionate about a certain topic, such as fashion, sports, cooking, traveling etc.

An essay writer can today make money by writing blogs for business organizations and their products or services. For example, the essay writer can visit a food outlet being run by a business, take photographs, and write a review on the food outlet as a blog post. This blogger can then be paid for the write-up and the images taken as the blog post would act as a source of promotion for the food outlet.

The reason why a company may actually pay a writer for a blog post is the conversation that a famous blogger is able to generate through his/her post.  This is because people respond to a blog post with likes, shares, and comments. This can make a potential blog go viral, leading to advantages for business organizations in the form of business promotion.

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   Writing for Peers

Another avenue to make money as an essay writer is to write for your peers, including your friends and your colleagues. For example, if your area of expertise is Marketing and you have successfully done your coursework in that field, you are in a position to write as an expert when compared with a friend who is going through the course work currently. As a good essay writer, you may charge money to your friends and colleagues for preparing good write ups for them.

Writing for peers can be a rewarding experience as there will be lesser communication gap between you and the peers. This is important to understand the nature of the essay that the peers want you to write for them. Moreover, for such specialized and personalized service, you are in a position to charge a higher amount.

  Essay Writing Companies

There is a large number of organizations who are mainly working online and taking writers as freelance workers. For example, such websites as Essay Kitchen are providing professional services for essay writing. A good writer can contact such an online company and start taking orders for essay writing on subjects of his interest.

The advantage with professional essay writing companies is that they are expected to pay a good rate for writing essays. Also, more regular writing work is expected with professional companies working successfully online for a number of years. Such websites get clients for essay writing from different age groups and from different parts of the world. This makes it easier to negotiate rates with essay writing companies as they have a lot of work for most parts of the year.

  Personal Experience of an Essay Writer

My personal experience of essay writing has been as a food blogger. Initially I did not have any plans or ideas of making money with essay writing. However, my general reviews about food outlets, using avenues such as social media platforms, were well appreciated. This motivated me to write professionally as a food blogger and I was able to write reviews for restaurants which would classify as paid reviews. With increasing work demand and other activities in life, I was unable to carry on the professional writing work as a blogger after seven months of writing.

However, what motivates me again towards essay writing, and also for making money through this work, is that a lot of people in my circle are doing this work. A lot of people who cannot find any other extra source of income are adopting essay writing as a professional activity. Moreover, the nature of this work is such that it is not likely to be discontinued any sooner.


It is easier to make money today as an essay writer than ever before. Various avenues and platforms have been identified where essay writers can capitalize on their writing skills. While many may find the work of essay writing as laborious and monotonous, those who can do creative writing can certainly stay motivated to work in this domain. So why wouldn’t more people today develop a writing skill and start making money out of it in the process?