How To Make Another YouTube Channel

Creating another YouTube channel to your pre-existing account lets you expand your interests and find new audiences.

Designing a second channel is a unique way to keep your content organized. Whether you’re attending to expand into a different niche or investigate a new corner of YouTube, creating a second channel is pretty easy you just need to follow the steps below.

Adding a second YouTube channel to your account

You can attach dozens of new channels to your YouTube account if you want to and here’s how to do it.

  • Ensure you’re signed into YouTube (or Google)
  • Proceed to the YouTube channel switcher
  • Tap “Create a new channel.”
  • Insert the name of your new channel
  • Tap “Create”

YouTube allows you to customize each channel with branding. Hit the channel settings to edit profile avatars, etc.

If you already have videos available for your second account, you can upload and distribute them directly to the second channel. To shift between channels, you may go to the YouTube channel switcher and choose a different medium.

Making videos for your YouTube channel

Most people who have a second YouTube channel use it to organize content according to brand or topic. For example, if you’re a fitness YouTuber, you can separate yoga tutorials and weightlifting How-To’s into different channels.

You can choose to keep your video branding uniform across each channel or switch it up a bit with different colors or graphics to create a unique experience for your viewers. Either way, a video editing program like Adobe Premiere Pro will help you make and manage videos for different channels and conveniently export them directly to YouTube.

Generate Multiple YouTube Channels Under Single Email Address

YouTube has evolved into a video behemoth and giant search engine since its inception in 2005. Gratitude to its 1.9 billion users, it has matured as a firm favorite for marketers worldwide. So if you’re watching for growing your business, you’d be giving yourself a tremendous favor by opening and running a YouTube channel. All you require to originate is an email address. 

By building multiple YouTube channels, you automatically change your account into a brand account. Your brand account is linked to your account. It means that to construct various channels, you require a “starter” Google account making using your email address. So let’s plunge right in and understand how you can make multiple YouTube channels under just a single email address.

Add Multiple Users to Maintain Your YouTube Channel

Your YouTube content must be refined from time to time, and you also must respond to your viewers in the comments section like any other product. Consolidated, these assignments can be a bit baffling. But the big thing is that you can combine multiple users to maintain your account. And the most enjoyable part is that you don’t require to share your username and password with them.

You only require to do the following:

  • Start YouTube and engage as the brand account owner.
  • Click on your avatar in the top-right edge.
  • Hit on “Settings.
  • Tap on “Add or remove manager(s).” This option appears under “Account.”
  • Tick on “Manage Permissions.
  • You’ll be urged to reenter your password to verify that you’re indeed the account owner.
  • Choose the “Invite new users” button in the top-right edge.
  • Continue to write the email addresses of the users/people you’d like to attach as managers. While at it, you can designate a person in one of three positions: manager, owner, or communications manager.
  • Click on the invite button. YouTube will forward all the users an invite to operate the account.

Initiating a new channel may not serve as you’d envisioned. It could be that improving your followers is painfully sluggish, and you’d like to eliminate and strategize. Or maybe you’ve finally ditched an idea that you perceive no longer straightens with the long-term goals of your enterprise. You may even have selected to consolidate your content under a single channel in the future.

Deleting a YouTube Channel

Here’s how to do it:

  • Initiate YouTube and engage as the brand account owner.
  • Tap on your avatar on the top-right edge.
  • Choose “Settings.”
  • Tap on “Advanced Settings.”
  • Tap on “Delete Channel” from the resulting window.
  • At this point, you’ll be proposed to delete your content or temporarily hide it permanently.
  • Click on “Permanently delete.”
  • Click on “Delete my content.”

Tips for Managing Multiple YouTube Channels

Managing multiple YouTube channels isn’t too tricky, but there are certain chords you should try to strike to ensure that every track resonates with its viewers. Here’s what you require:

  • Guarantee your brand is as famous as possible: Your brand is your power. Ensure that every user that hits your channel can spontaneously connect with your business. And that implies adding your official logo as the channel icon. If you hold a brand tagline, ensure to include it in your channel’s bio.
  • Have the ideal channel description: A killer description is a clue to unlocking your visibility. It would grow if you saved it brief but used keywords to boost your channel’s SEO. You may also incorporate a loop to your website if you hold one.
  • Stick to a predictable publishing schedule: It’s essential to have a consistent, predictable publishing schedule to keep your viewers coming back for more. If you choose to publish one video per week, for example, you could get it at 5 PM every Wednesday, but stick to it.


YouTube is the most widespread social media platform today, and you can quickly adapt it to grow your concept from scratch. But even if other ideas come up later, nothing should keep you back.

All you have to give from your end is open multiple channels and partake in your creativity with the world.