How to Know if You’re Entitled to Compensation After a Cancelled Flight

Compensation After a Cancelled Flight

Flight cancellation compensation is under the EU Regulation Nr. 261/2004 where air passengers are entitled to a form of compensation if their flight is delayed or cancelled. This has helped passengers fight for their rights and be treated fairly. However, not everyone claims compensation for cancelled flights and a common reason is that they have no idea how it works or if such a law even exists.

What is the EC 261 Regulation About?

The EC Regulation 261/2004 is the law that favors passengers in the European Union. This law requires airlines to compensate passengers when there are flight delays or cancellations. Air passengers are entitled to compensation of €250 to €600, which depends on the flight distance. You are also entitled to a full refund of your original travel ticket or a replacement flight.

What are the Eligibility Criteria?

Use the checklist below to know if the EC 261 law applies to you:

  • You have a valid ticket and booking confirmation.
  • Your flight is departing from an EU country or landing in one and the airline is headquartered within the EU. 
  • The airline informed you of the cancellation less than 14 days before the original departure date.
  • The reason for cancellation is within the airline’s control. 

What Do You Do After Your Flight is Cancelled?

Now that your flight is cancelled, you will have to get the compensation process started as soon as possible. 

Start by asking the airline to put the reason for the cancellation into writing, as this can play a role in whether or not you get compensated. Proceed to gather all the necessary information and documents that will be used. This includes replacement flight tickets, expense receipts (including expenses you made personally, outside of the airline, as a result of the cancellation), and vouchers. 

If you got the notification late and you are at the airport already, take advantage of the complimentary food and drinks at the airport. But you should also ask questions and be careful of signing just any document that may nudge you to waive your rights unknowingly. 

How Do You File a Compensation?

After getting all the necessary documents, call the airline to get the process started. Some airlines already have a form you can fill on their website, so you can also visit their website directly to save time. 

For additional help, contact your travel agency or a travel advisor. They have all the tools you need to help you get compensated successfully and you will need all the help you can get. You can also easily process a refund if you booked the flight through a travel portal or agency or used a credit card. 

Bottom Line

If you have ever had to deal with last-minute flight cancellations, you would understand how frustrating it is and no one should have to deal with that. Know your rights on flight cancellations following the EC 261 Regulation and get compensated if your flight ever gets cancelled unjustly.